Rainy day activities for kids in Singapore

Rainy day activities for kids in Singapore

Make rainy days more fun and entertaining with these suggestions for rainy day activities for kids!

As a parent, the most dreaded words that one definitely does not want to hear from your children are ““I am bored,” especially on a rainy day when you are stuck indoors and cannot go out.

Children in general can be quite a handful, especially when they are stuck at home without having anything to do — largely because they tend to lose interest in things as well as get bored very easily. This can sometimes lead to difficult situations for parents.

The next time you are stuck in such a situation, try out one (or more!) of the following ideas for rainy day activities for kids, which are all aimed to help you change that rainy day boredom into fun-filled activities!

Games at home

If your children are the active sort and love bowling or baseball, then it is very easy to modify these games to suit indoor requirements.

All you have to do is fill empty water and juice bottles with dried beans. The water bottles can be filled till about a quarter of its volume while the juice bottles can be filled till half.

These bottles can then be used as 9 pins and by using a soft ball, you can have your own indoor bowling alley, right in your own living room!

If baseball is what you want, use a soft baseball bat with a balloon as a ball and enjoy the fun of playing indoor baseball. However, make sure that you have a room in your home that’s large enough for you to play this game (and don’t break anything!).

Fun with arts and crafts

If your children are inclined towards arts and crafts, then the choices are endless.

For starters, your children can create various artworks, necklaces and other jewelry using colored pasta.

All you have to do is mix dried pasta with vinegar and food coloring in a plastic bag. Shake the bag till the pasta is well-coated and then dry the pasta.

Once it is dry, you can use those colorful shapes and make anything that you fancy.

Another way of killing boredom during those rainy days is to create collages of various things. These could be done with drawings, cutting shapes or pictures from magazines and gluing them together.

Collages could be made randomly or based on a theme, depending on the age and liking of your children.

rainy day activities for kids

Don’t let the rain stop you from having fun! These rainy day activities for kids are meant to help you bond with your kids too!

Fun with words

If your children love to play with words, then one great way to teach them vocabulary, improve their creativity and have lots of fun is to play the storytelling game. In this game, 1 person says a sentence and others have to continue it in such a way that it forms a story.

Another popular word game is the ‘adjective game,’ which is a great way to teach your children adjectives.

First, identify an object. Then all of you must describe the object using various adjectives, the catch being that you have to repeat the adjective mentioned by the others.

Activities like these help to increase your child’s (and your) memory, among other things.

Games are great

rainy day activities for kids

Sing those rainy day blues away and have fun at the same time!

Humming a popular tune and asking your child to recognize it is another very popular indoor game and probably one of the best, most frugal ideas for rainy day activities for kids.

Games like hopscotch and hide-and-seek are also popular indoor activities for kids that are guaranteed to kill boredom.

Do you have any suggestions for rainy day activities for kids? Share them with us by leaving a comment below!

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Roshni Mahtani

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