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Enfagrow Pro A+ Stage 5 (900g) 6 years old and above
Brand Name - Enfagrow
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Nourish your child with nutrition and stimulation which play and important role in the developing brain and overall skill development. With other 100 years of experience in paediatric nutrition, Mead Johnson Nutrition has scientifically formulated all new Enfagrow Pro A+ Stage 5. All new Enfagrow Pro A+ Stage 5 is specially formulated with a unique blend of MFGM (Milk Fat Globule Membrane) and 2’-FL that works with 360° DHA Plus to nourish your child’s mind and body, immune system function with Iron and Zinc. Milk Fat Globule Membrane, MFGM. 360° DHA Plus help meet recommended daily DHA intake* With 2’-FL. Complemented with Iron and Zinc which are necessary for normal immune system function. Prebiotic FOS, promotes growth of good Bifidus bacteria to help maintain a healthy digestive system. No added sucrose *FAO/WHO recommends daily dietary DHA intake of 10-12mg/kg body weight for children 12-24 months or 100-150mg DHA+EPA for children 2 years old and above, 150-200mg DHA+EPA for children 4 years old and above, 200-250mg DHA+EPA for children 6-10 years old. Reference: FAO 2010. Fats and fatty acids in human nutrition. Report of an expert consultation. FAO Food and Nutrition Paper no. 91. FAO:Rome.
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