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C-Panty C-Section Recovery Underwear High Waist
Speed Up Postnatal Recovery & Slim Post-Baby Belly After C-section The C-Panty C-section underwear is a patented postpartum underwear made just for C-section moms. With a clinically-determined safe level of compression for moms post C-section, enjoy safe compression, incision care and postpartum slimming. Made with care with a sewn-in medical grade Silicone to help reduce scarring and itchiness whilst lowering the chance of infection, the C-Panty also provides targeted compression directly over the incision area to help increase comfort and mobility, and adds protection to your C-section incision. This in turn keeps you more comfortable during your postnatal recovery, whether you’re going back to work, making a supermarket run or just enjoying your new baby.  Caution: Whilst the C-Panty can be used immediately after delivery for up to 12 months, if your incision has not fully healed, please be sure to cover the silicone panel with a pad or panty liner. Once the incision has closed (about 7 to 10 days), covering the silicone panel is no longer required. If you have any concerns, please contact your physician prior to wearing C-Panty.
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