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ScarAway C-Section Scar Treatment Strips 4-Sheets

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  • Details ScarAway C-Section Scar Treatment Strips Silicone Adhesive Soft Fabric 4-Sheets (7 X 1.5 Inch)Beafash - Look Good, Feel Good. ScarAway C-Section Sca
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5 out of 5
Many versatile uses
"Comfortable to wear. Can be used for may scar length, types and shapes. Not only for C-section. used for breast reduction. I bought two sets, but one would have been fine. They dry easily and can be cut to the size needed. Gave them as port-op gifts."See more
I think it works!
My first c-section scar didn't heal very well and I had keloids so I used this for my second c-section. I started use after week 6 of recovery, I think my scar looks way better! It isn't as discolored and you can't really feel the actual incision. I also stayed in recline for most of my 4 week recovery which really helped the scar heal as well because it reduces swelling and scar tissue.See more
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