Princess Charlotte, Prince George got up to mischief at Pippa's wedding!

We can't stop gushing over their royal cutenesses... even when they are getting up to some trouble, like naughty toddlers everywhere!

Pippa Middleton’s wedding has been the talk of the town this weekend. But her royal niece and nephew, Princess Charlotte and Prince George, definitely stole the show!

The adorable tots strutted their stuff at the fairytale reception, accompanied by mum Kate Middleton and dad Prince William. Dressed in dreamy ensembles from Spanish company Pepa & Co, the royal siblings toddled down the aisle as pageboy and bridesmaid. 

Image Credit: UK Press via Getty Images, Samir Hussein/WireImage

As all parents would know, taking fidgety toddlers out to a long, formal event can be risky. And like toddlers everywhere, Prince George became restless and grouchy after an hour at church!

Poor Prince George — the tot got a little overwhelmed by the excitement! | Image credit: The Sun

One reason why the little prince was spotted crying, according to The Daily Mail, is the scolding Kate gave him for his moment of mischief. Prince George, following his sister’s example, skipped onto the train of his aunt’s £40,000 wedding dress! He may be pint-sized, but he can sure get up to some royal shenanigans! 

Kate appears to be grabbing George by the arm as the royal tot steps on Pippa’s train,
just behind her. | Image credit: The Daily Mail

 There’s just no end to the mischief kids can get up to at grown-up events, is there? Naturally, Mum Kate had to find a quiet corner to give her sulky 3-year-old a mini talking-to.

The Duchess of Cambridge with Prince George, delivering the little telling-off that all mums give to their wilful tots! | Image Credit: The Daily Mail, Greg Brennan, abc/MEGA

Toddler tantrums pass as swiftly as they come — they are soon back to their usual cheery selves! After calming down, Prince George’s sunny smile soon returned.

Turns out the royal family faces the same parenting struggles as all of us! 

And what about 2-year-old Princess Charlotte? The cherubic instigator of the commotion behaved angelically, staying close to her mum throughout. 

Dolled up in flower girl ruffles, Princess Charlotte looks like she’s made of sugar, spice, and everything nice! | Image credit: The Daily Mail, Getty, Samir Hussein

We wonder if the royal siblings have those “She did it! No, he did it first!” squabbles that give every parent a headache? But in accordance with the Sibling Code, we bet they adore each other no matter how much they argue. 

Here George seems to be helping his little sis with her blossom wreath. | Image credit: Samir Hussein/ WireImage

The royal siblings certainly pulled off their task of scattering flower petals with style!

Here comes the beautiful bride… | Image credit: Samir Hussein/WireImage, AP

Definitely a picture-perfect wedding that the royal tots will remember!

All smiles as he waves goodbye. | Image credit: AFP/Getty Images

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