5 ways to prepare for the ultimate family photoshoot

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So, you’ve scheduled in the time and you’ve decided on a photographer. Wonderful, but now you have so many nagging questions about what to do and wear.

Don’t panic, professional photographer Hart Tan from Tomato Photo has his top tips for getting the most out of your family photo shoot experience, panic and stress free.

Decide on your style preferences

What is your vision for the shoot outcome? Do you want images shot in a studio with a more posed effect or are you looking to capture every day life in a specific location such as your home or garden.

Are you wanting the whole extended family involved or is this just for the immediate family.

Once you have set ideas of what you want you need to start preparing the kids. Start talking to your kids about the shoot a week in advance to get them comfortable with the idea.

Let them know your expectations of their behaviour, but more importantly talk it up to make it sound like a fun and special occasion for the family – because it is!


Let kids be kids

This can either make your session enjoyable or a nightmare. Children are busy little people and they need to be able to move around and experience their environment.

Any good photographer will be expecting this and should work in cohesion with your children.

This means that the photographer should engage in play and funny acts to draw your children’s attention and stimulate them into posing with the family.

The happier the child, the happier the parents and the more natural the photographs and this is the outcome you want.

Your photographer should be willing to get up and move and play games with your child.

Be sure to communicate beforehand the ages and personalities of your kids so your photographer can have some games or attention keepers on hand to use during the session.

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