The 200 most popular baby names of 2016 so far

Share this article with other mums, a popular baby name source, recently released their semi-annual list of the most popular names of the far! See which names topped this year's list!

Well, mums and dads, we’ve already made it past the halfway point of the year. It seems like it all happened so fast! While it’s nice to think back fondly of the many events and happenings we’ve experienced up to this point in the year, many people take a different approach when reviewing the year so far. Many researchers take note of the halfway mark of a year because it gives them a chance to make assertions, test theories, and keep track of statistical changes. In analysing these figures, researchers are able to note the trends of the past 6-7 months.

Nameberry, the reliable source for baby names, is busy around this time because their researchers release a semi-annual collection of names that are considered the most popular baby names of the year…so far. Recently, they released their much anticipated semi-annual list of baby names and you can check out the entire collection below.

Whether your perusing for a name for your soon-to-be child, or just curious to see which names are trending, you have to check out this list of popular baby names!

Top 100 girl names:




4. AVA






10. MIA

A two week old newborn baby girl sleeping in a little chair. She is wearing a crocheted, pink bear bonnet and matching shorts. Shot in the studio on a gray background.


12. ARIA


14. CORA

15. ROSE



18. THEA


20. EMMA


22. LUCY

23. LUNA

24. NORA

25. MILA

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