Mum with no limbs celebrates Mothers’ Day

How did you celebrate Mother’s Day? Find out what made the Mothers’ Day Celebration of this Malaysian mum with no hands and legs so special.

Ms Zabedah Setapa was touched when her children gave her a rose for Mothers' Day

Ms Zabedah was touched when her children gave her a rose for Mothers’ Day

A special surprise!

On Mothers’ Day last Sunday, 43-year-old Zabedah Setapa, a woman born without limbs in Kampung Membatu, Ketereh, a village in Malaysia’s city of Kota Baru, received a surprise gift from her eldest son. The oldest of his three young siblings, 13-year-old Mohd Imran Badrul presented his mother with a delicate flower on behalf of the trio.

The teen and his younger brother, Mohd Adam, 10, and sister, Nor Farah, 6 surprised their handicap mother on the special day to show their appreciation for all her efforts in bringing them up. Beaming from the success of the surprise, the children expressed how grateful they were for their mum, whom they said raised them like a normal mother despite her disabilities.

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“I didn’t even know it was Mothers’ Day”

Greatly touched when her son gave her the flower, Ms Zabedah was pleasantly surprised and happy that her children recognised her hard work in raising them. It heartens her most to know that her children appreciate her efforts in supporting the family.

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Noble mother

Ms Zabedah was born without hands and legs but despite that, she did not let the setback stop her from raising her three beautiful children to the best of her ability. The persevering mother refused to give up when bringing up them on her own, even when she faced many roadblocks.

As we take this season to recognise noble mums like Ms Zabedah and children around the world are reminded to express their gratitude for their mothers, it is also important to remember that these acts of appreciation should not only be shown on Mothers’ Day.

A full-time and heavily demanding job, mothers around the world give their unconditional love and care to us 24/7, never expecting anything in return. Perhaps, therefore, it’s time we remember to cherish our mums not just on Mothers’ Day, but everyday as well.

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