Mum stabs her 2-month-old son to death

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The reason for this unthinkable murder is not known yet. But could postnatal psychiatric illness have played a part?

On Tuesday 17 November, the unthinkable happened: a mum stabbed her two-month-old infant son to death.

According to a news report by abc13/KTRK-TV, 28-year-old US mother Rochelle Brown has been charged with capital murder, “accused of killing her infant, Levi Thornton-Smith.”

Reportedly, Brown stormed into her sister’s room, screaming and holding the baby in “an improper manner.” Brown then allegedly assaulted her sister after she was told to go back to sleep, returning to the bedroom with a knife as the little one cried on the bed.

News reports say that that there was a struggle between the two women before Brown pushed her sister out of the bedroom.

Horrifically, when the sister was able to return to the room, she reportedly encounted Brown stabbing the screaming baby’s body.

A neighbour heard screaming and ran to the apartment to see what was happening. Keep reading on the next page.

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