What you missed: Global temperature hits record high and other news

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March 2016 saw the hottest Global temperature in a century.

Though the reality of climate change no longer comes as a surprise, these recent spikes in temperatures worldwide have caused much concern.

These findings “smashed” all previously recorded Global temperature over 100 years and have been confirmed by NASA as well as the World Meteorological Organization.

March was found to be 1.07C hotter across the globe compared with the 20th-century average. They based the findings on figures dating back to 1891.

2C is the danger limit for global warming, as concluded during the UN Climate summit in Paris back in December 2015.

Due to a severe El Niño period, the temperature was further boosted. But climate change isn’t the only one to blame, as scientists found that greenhouse gas emissions are just as culpable for the record-breaking heat that’s been a source of alarm the world over.

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