Girl accused of stealing teacher's phone commits suicide

Girl accused of stealing teacher's phone commits suicide

Never be hasty to accuse someone of a wrongdoing, especially an impressionable young child...

On Jan 24,2018,  a school teacher in Malaysia lost her iPhone. When she could not find it, she reportedly accused one of her students – just 14 years of age – of stealing the phone. But no one ever expected this young Malaysian girl accused of stealing to do the unthinkable. 

Malaysian girl accused of stealing attempts suicide

According to reports, the girl was summoned by four teachers, and questioned about the missing phone. She repeatedly denied stealing the device. But one of the teachers allegedly insisted that the girl took the phone, and berated her for not owning up to the ‘theft’. 

This teacher and her husband (also a teacher), also reportedly threatened to lodge a police complaint against the child. 

The girl, however, maintained her innocence, as did her father – Mr Muniandy – when he was informed. She was, however, obviously devastated by the accusations, as later at home she tried to hang herself. 

The girl’s father found her unconscious, but still alive, and rushed her to hospital. 

malaysian girl accused of stealing

Her devastated father thought at one point, that he saw tears escaping her shut eyelids.

A glimmer of hope for Malaysian girl accused of stealing, but…

At the Sebarang Jaya Hospital, where the girl was being treated, her heartbroken family anxiously prayed for a miracle, as did much of Malaysia. 

Their hopes were raised briefly when the unconscious girl’s blood pressure seemed to stabilise in the early hours of February 1. The girl’s father did not leave her side while she was in hospital. Reports say he even thought her condition was improving after he thought he noticed tears escaping her shut eyelids. 

But, the family’s hopes were shattered when the girl lost her battle to live later that day.  

Reports quote Malaysian Tamilar Kural president David Marshel as saying, “This is a very sad day, not only for her family, but for Malaysians who have been praying for her recovery.”

What is most heartbreaking is the girl’s suicide note scribbled on a page of a school exercise book:  “Teacher, I did not take your phone,” it simply said.

Police investigations are still continuing in to the sad case of the Malaysian girl accused of stealing. 

Adults can be quick to accuse children of wrongdoings, such as in this case, even when they are innocent. Let’s learn to trust our children more and believe their words. 

We at theAsianparent extend our heartfelt condolences to the family of the young girl. 

Parents, here are some helplines in Singapore in case you know you need counselling or help:

  • Samaritans of Singapore (SOS): Provides emotional support to those who are in despair or distressed – 1800-221-4444
  • Youthline : Champions youth causes – 6336-3434
  • Teen ChallengeProvides faith-based and community-based programmes and services – 1800-829-2222
  • Touchline: Provides counselling to troubled teens and youth 1800-377-2252
  • eCounselling Centre (eC2): An online facility offering free counselling to youth – 6787 1125
  • MeToYou Cyber CareA cyber wellness programme for youth aged 12-18 years old – 6274 6904 / 9173 1766 
  • Tinkle FriendFor primary school students, especially children who are alone at home, who need someone to chat with or discuss problems with – 1800-2744 788 

Source: New Straits Times

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