Make A Difference: Causes to Donate Your COVID-19 Solidarity Payout

Make A Difference: Causes to Donate Your COVID-19 Solidarity Payout

While we fight off boredom and condemn the lockdown measures imposed by the government, there are less privileged people in the society struggling with lack of food, unhygienic living conditions and homelessness. Show your solidarity to the underprivileged by donating generously to their cause, thereby helping everyone overcome the current crisis.

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has put life as we know it on standstill. During these difficult times, there are many people suffering from various causes, besides the obvious. It goes without saying that people on the lowest rungs of the ladder – the homeless, the orphans, the immigrant workers, the disabled, the old and the infirm – are the ones most affected by this situation. Governments around the world, along with charity organizations, are doing everything in their power to help the needy. But more help is always needed. The Singapore government had paid out solidarity payouts to all its citizens to help combat the effects of the lockdown to counter the outbreak of coronavirus. While many can still get by without this payout, there are also many more that are less privileged. If you are in a comfortable enough position during this worldwide pandemic, do consider to donate your solidarity payout to these struggling members of our society.

Here is a list of a few NGOs and other non-profit charitable organizations to which you can donate your solidarity payout online. Remember, even the least amount you donate will seem like the greatest of riches to some people.

1. Social Health Growth

Social Health Growth is a charity organization dedicated to the upliftment of low-income families, ex-offenders, youths-at-risk and ex-drug abusers among others. They have started a new campaign this year, to help underprivileged children, single mothers and special needs children. Donate your solidarity payout to this noble cause and lend a helping hand to this exceedingly vulnerable cross-section of our society.

2. KKH Health Fund

Make A Difference: Causes to Donate Your COVID-19 Solidarity Payout

Image: KKH

Every child deserves to survive and thrive, but many are riddled with serious illnesses that require long-term care. With the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the difficulties faced by these children have increased manifold. KKH Health Fund collects donations to fund their research and care of such children, bringing much-needed relief to their childhood.


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Every Singaporean above the age of 21 will be receiving a solidarity payment of $600 from the government, starting today. If you are willing and able, please consider making a donation to support the more vulnerable members of our community. It can make a huge difference. We have been running our fundraiser (➡️ OR link in bio ⬅️) for the past few days, and have been moved by everyone’s generosity. The money raised will go into ensuring migrant workers receive shelter, food, health and safety supplies, and medical care. 💖💖💖 We would also like to take this opportunity to give a shoutout to some other NGOs who are doing great work! 1) Soap Cycling Singapore (@soapcyclingsingapore) collects, checks, sorts and recycles unused and/or lightly-used soaps for usability, and distributes them to vulnerable communities, including migrant workers. 2) SG Accident Help Centre provides wraparound care and support to injured Singaporeans and migrant workers, particularly if they are out-of-work. 3) Beyond Social Services (@sg.beyond) is dedicated to helping children and youth from less privileged backgrounds, through guidance, care and resources. They also do a great deal of research into poverty in Singapore. 💫 Their article on the impacts of Covid-10 on low-paid and precarious work (casual/contract/seasonal/part-time staff and members of the gig economy – e.g. Grab drivers, food delivery riders, those in cleaning services), caregiving & employment is available here:

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The Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics (HOME) was established to improve the welfare and uphold the rights of migrant workers in Singapore. The foreign domestic workers have been one of the most affected communities during this COVID-19 pandemic. Along with fighting the disease, they are also suffering from a loss of income, and are unable to return to their families due to the lockdown. You can donate your solidarity payout to HOME’s campaign to help the migrant workers financially, helping them survive the pandemic.

4. Babes Pregnancy Crisis Support Ltd

Babes Pregnancy Crisis Support Ltd was established to provide some much-needed support to pregnant teenage mothers. The society proactively provides pregnant teens with information and community resources which will help them make the right decisions regarding their unborn children. The COVID-19 situation has drastically affected teenage mothers who have been laid off work, and who have the added responsibility of caring for very small children. Support Babes in providing a sense of normalcy in this difficult period and donate your solidarity payout or any amount you can afford, for this cause.

5. TWC2

Among one in five people in Singapore are low-wage migrant workers. Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2) helps these workers who form a major part of the backbone of Singaporean society and economy. Many low-wage migrant workers have been injured, unpaid and/or abused by employers. With no savings to tide them over the difficult times (acerbated by the coronavirus outbreak), TWC2 depends on the goodwill of their patrons in helping the migrant workers who have no family to fall back on.

6. Disabled People’s Association

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HELP DPA SUPPORT THE DISABILITY COMMUNITY Covid-19 has created an uncertain and challenging time for us all. As a result of the social distancing and circuit breaker measures, DPA’s Inclusion Ambassadors have not been able to continue with their engagements, which are often face-to-face. DPA is working hard to take these engagements online so that our Inclusion Ambassadors can continue to earn an income from talks and workshops. . DPA has also faced disruption to our fundraising activities, which we rely on to support the training of Inclusion Ambassadors and help develop the inclusive and awareness-raising services they provide. If you have received the solidarity payment from the government and are in a position to help, or can support us with funds in any other way, we are appealing to your generosity to make a donation to our organisation. We are relying on your kindness to help us raise the funds we need to support our Inclusion Ambassador programmes and related services and operations. Please help us continue working with the disability community to create an inclusive, accessible society we are all proud of. Thank you on behalf of all of us at DPA. Stay safe and healthy! Channels of Giving to Disabled People’s Association (DPA): 1. Cheque: Address it to “Disabled People’s Association” or “DPA“, crossed Account Payee Only and mail it to 1 Jurong West Central 2, #04-01 Jurong Point Shopping Centre Singapore 648886. Please do not send cash via post. 2. Giving.Sg (online giving): 3. GIVEasia (online giving): 4. PayPal:

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The Disabled People’s Association (DPA) is Singapore’s only cross-disability non-profit organization. It is run by disabled people, for the benefit of disabled people. Working towards a fairer society where everyone can enjoy all aspects of life to the fullest, DPA encourages the wider community to not overlook the disabled people’s needs in this pandemic.


HAGAR is an international NGO, committed to the welfare and economic empowerment of women and children who have been subjected to an extreme violation of their human rights. The organization supports women who are survivors of human trafficking, sexual exploitations and gender-based violence. With the massive outbreak of COVID-19 in Singapore, 25 foreign worker dormitories have been gazette as isolation wards. Women, who were just learning to stand back on their feet, are facing immense stress and anxiety, often being the sole breadwinners in their families. Donate your solidarity payout and help ease the way for these people, so that they too may see a new dawn with hope.

8. HIA

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Your help through the course of three weeks has allowed us to reach out to our dear guest workers even just for a simple meal. Today, 1 May—256,237 Care Meals has been prepared and delivered to 214 FCDs since 10 April. Through your help, we are able to mobilise this effort all throughout the extended Circuit Breaker period until 1 June. ⠀ Thank you and may you continue to labour with us—may it be through your likes, messages, voluntary acts and generous giving. ⠀ For more information and to support this project, visit For queries, call our hotline at 6304 3486. ⠀ Alternatively, you may also donate through: •— •— ⠀ “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”—Aesop ⠀ #hiasg #thankyou #covid19 #sgunited #migrantworkers #carepacks #supportus

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Hope Initiative Alliance (HIA) is working with the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) in Singapore, to provide holistic care to the homeless community. By all standards, the homeless are the worst hit in the coronavirus outbreak. After all, when everyone else retreats into their homes to see out the pandemic, where can the homeless go? As well as economic support from willing patrons, HIA is also inviting in-kind donations including blankets, pillows and towels, to help the homeless community in their hour of need.

9. SHINE Children and Youth Services

SHINE Children and Youth Services provide support to the underprivileged children and youths with learning and socio-economic difficulties, in Singapore. In these challenging times, SHINE has called out to the wider community in a bid to support these children and their families. The organization has planned Grocery Voucher Support, Ready Meals Support and IT Resource Support strategies, all of which require generous donations from patrons.

10. NCSS – Community Chest

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As most of us stay safe at home during this circuit breaker, there are many social service agencies working doubly hard to ensure the vulnerable groups that we serve, are not forgotten. However, these agencies are facing multiple challenges now, including sudden and severe loss in manpower as volunteering activities are cut, a loss of fundraising proceeds as events are cancelled and a critical need of technological assistance to enable business continuity. We face an unprecedented challenge before us. Let us count our blessings, stand in solidarity to keep our community intact and emerge stronger. Click link in bio to enable the social service agencies to continue providing critical services to those who need it, especially now. #GiveBackInSolidarity #Community #SGUnited #TheInvictusFund

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The Community Chest is the fundraising and engagement arm of the National Council of Social Service (NCSS). The evolving COVID-19 situation has affected all Singaporeans, one way or another. Show your support and solidarity to the affected, by generously contributing to the NCSS Courage Fund. Your donations will primarily go to provide relief to frontline workers, healthcare personnel and other volunteers battling the pandemic.

11. APHN

The Asia Pacific Hospice Palliative Care Network (APHN) is dedicated to promoting hospice and palliative care in the Asia Pacific region. The old and the infirm are the most vulnerable towards the coronavirus outbreak. APHN has designed COVID-19 Care Packages for palliative care workers, consisting of surgical masks, easy-to-eat snacks and other essentials. Many palliative care workers have been shifted to the frontlines and often have to work with limited or no protective equipment. Show your support and donate your solidarity payout to APHN’s campaign to extend relief to our healthcare personnel.

12. Help for Frontline Workers

Aside from healthcare workers, there are several other categories of people working on the frontline, risking their lives to contain the pandemic without disintegrating society. Cleaners, bus drivers and delivery workers all require our support as they struggle to make ends meet during this challenging time. Show your appreciation for their selfless service by contributing to their cause.

To know more about how you can show your support and solidarity to the society as the world struggles to overcome the pandemic, check out and Aidhub.


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Make A Difference: Causes to Donate Your COVID-19 Solidarity Payout

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