Lorna Whiston School – a leader in English language education for students of all ages

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Joint CEO for Lorna Whiston Schools, Helen Marjan, talks to theAsianparent about the high standard of English language education they provide and more...

Lorna Whiston is a well-known and trusted name in English enrichment and education in Singapore.

With an immaculate track record in delivering quality English language enrichment programmes to a wide age range of students, this 35-year-old school has impressive plans in terms of growth for this year.

Helen Marjan, Joint Managing Director & Director of Studies for Lorna Whiston, talks about exciting developments in their programme and more.

The following interview has been edited for clarity and brevity.

Lorna Whiston

Helen Marjan

Q: Tell us about your students’ remarkable PSLE results in English.

A: Each year we collect and collate all the results from our students so we have a measure of how they’ve done.

When the PSLE results came out at the end of 2014, there was a 100% improvement rate in the results, with 85% scoring an A or an A*.

Q: How do you achieve such incredible results?

A: Unlike many big tuition centres we don’t just take in only A or A* students who are already doing well, and are therefore highly likely to do well at exams too.

Instead, we accept students of all abilities — the high flyers, as well as the middle and lower ability students. We strive to help them significantly improve their English language skills.

So given our intake policy, I think our students’ PSLE English results are really quite exceptional.

Lorna Whiston

Students at Lorna Whiston can expect to see a steady improvement in their English language skills

Q: How are your PSLE students coached?

A: Our aim with the PSLE students is to first build their confidence. Perhaps because the general education system puts them under a bit of pressure to perform well, a lot of kids – unless they’re number one in class – are quite lacking in confidence.

While boosting their confidence and motivation to build their language skills, we also equip them with what we call “exam skills”. This includes how to do well in exam situations, time management, stress management and so on.

Ultimately, we develop in our students a strong skill set in terms of language proficiency, confidence and exam skills.

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