SSO Concerts for Children presents Jason’s Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra

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Kids have a natural interest in music. Nurture it in this fun concert by the Singapore Symphony Orchestra!

In this digital age, a lot of children will get their dose of entertainment by watching cartoons on television or on a mobile device. But something is to be said of closing one’s eyes and opening one’s ears to the divine harmonies of a symphony. It transports you to a different time, creating a transcendent experience. For your child, it will be like magic.

There are many benefits to listening to classical music such as:

  • helping to boost your little one’s intellectual performance
  • raising his IQ
  • clarifying thinking
  • providing a calming effect by releasing dopamine (the “feel-good hormone”) which reduces stress and can even help put your child in a pleasant mood.

The Singapore Symphony Orchestra (SSO) offers Concerts for Children, which are uniquely designed to introduce classical music to a young audience (as early as 4 years old!), making for a truly educational, fun, and memorable time at the orchestra.

Jason’s Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra

The latest in the series is SSO Associate Conductor Jason Lai’s spin on British composer Benjamin Britten’s The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra. Written way back in 1946, it is an auditory guide to the different instruments in the orchestra.


Singapore Symphony Orchestra Associate Conductor Jason Lai | Photo by Alan Lim

Certainly an inspired and enjoyable way to introduce your children to the whole concept and individual elements of the orchestra, Jason’s Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra promises a thrilling journey with Singapore’s flagship orchestra.

Jason Lai himself will be composing a short piece to introduce the different instrument families in the orchestra – from flutes to bassoons, trumpets to tubas. This will be further enhanced with the use of a screen on stage, making the affair truly beginner-friendly. Kids will learn to recognise the unique sound of each instrument, what they look like, and how different sounding instruments can come together to produce such great music.

You’ll also get to know a little more about the talented and world-renowned SSO musicians, who will be playing Maurice Ravel’s Boléro, one of the most famous pieces by the French composer.


It’s always special when family fun and appreciation of the arts come together, so don’t miss this opportunity to bond, learn, and have an delightfully unforgettable experience with the kids.

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