How to face a world of discrimination

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Discrimination can occur anywhere, and it can be the most unwelcoming and unsettling feeling for anyone. As humans, we have to look beyond race, colour, and religion. Read more to find out what dealing with discrimination encompasses and how you can help your kids overcome it.

dealing with discrimination

Dealing with discrimination can be hard.

Faz Abdul Gaffa’s teacher told her that she wouldn’t call on her to answer questions because she was ‘black.’

Gaffa, an Indian, who is now a contributing beauty editor at xoVain talked about her experiences growing up in Singapore on the website, “The correlation between dark skin and ‘dirtiness’ is not anything new… It’s funny because one of the lines in the Singapore pledge is ‘We are the citizens of Singapore… regardless of race, language or religion.’”

Discrimination can happen to anyone, anytime and in any country.

This isn’t an isolated case, and no, she isn’t the only one who has dealt with it. This can happen to kids and adults, sometimes because they’re Muslim, Hindu, overweight, darker than others, or homosexuals, and so on. Reality is, your daughter, husband, sister, son, or anyone you love can be a victim of racial or religious discrimination.

Types of discrimination

Racial discrimination is when a person feels that their race is superior to other races.

A race is a group of people classified based on history, nationality, or having distinct common physical characteristics. However, racial discrimination isn’t the only kind of prejudice there is out there, religious discrimination is equally widespread.

Religious discrimination is when a person values or treats another person or group differently because of what they do or do not believe.

How does it feel?

Kids who are discriminated against tend to feel helpless and hopeless.

Young kids especially feel as if they can’t stand up for themselves, because they feel as if others are more powerful than they are. They feel out-casted, different, sad, lonely, nervous, and even sick. More than anything, victims of discrimination face public humiliation.

What are the other kinds of discrimination? How can you cope with it? Read on to find out what you need to think about while dealing with discrimination.

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