How to calm a fussy baby

How to calm a fussy baby

You've done everything to pacify your baby, but are still unsuccessful. What's next?

Calm a fussy baby

Find out how to calm a fussy baby!

The first loud cry that parents hear come out of their babies is exhilarating as it is a sign that their angels are born with really healthy lungs. Unfortunately, once these cries become routine and constant, it becomes the bane of even the most patient parents’ existence.

Fussy baby vs. cry baby

A cry baby is different from a fussy baby. Babies naturally cry a lot. This may be because they are wet, hungry, tired, colic or sick. But fussy babies cry a whole lot more than normal. By definition, fussy babies are those who get upset easily and resort to crying non-stop no matter what their parents do.

Fussy babies and parents

It is possible for parents to calm a fussy baby on their own. However, it will take a lot more patience and several techniques to do so. No matter how overwhelmed, tired or frazzled parents may feel, it is important that parents do not give up on their babies. Extend and stretch patience some more and always remain calm. Put your pride aside and never decline any offered assistance. This could be the opportunity to learn new soothing techniques, catch up on much needed sleep, or complete household chores.

Calm a fussy baby

Apart from illnesses, babies can be fussy for a whole number of reasons. For newborns, it could be because they aren’t used to being outside of their mother’s warm and snug womb. For older babies, it could be because of boredom, teething issues, need/want to be held. These reasons may be petty or unreasonable for parents but it is what their babies need. Here are some soothing techniques that parents can try to calm a fussy baby:

Calm a fussy baby

Swaddle your baby to calm them down.


Go through the motions

Babies love being held, unfortunately lying quietly in the crib just doesn’t give them that same feeling. Some parents are typically against holding their babies but oftentimes, this is what is effective in soothing them.

Rhythmically swing babies back and forth or to and fro to calm a fussy baby. Baby swings are effective alternatives for parents who want to take a break from constantly holding the baby. If push comes to shove, parents can strap their babies in the car seat and go out for a ride in the car. The vibrations and motions can lull even the fussiest babies to calm down or sleep.

Snug it up

Calm a fussy baby by addressing their need to feel really secure and comforted. The best way to do this is to swaddle them in a thin blanket with their arms across their chests. Usage of baby slings is effective in soothing fussy babies too. The body contact and swinging motions are truly comforting.

Gas check

If parents suspect that their babies are in pain because of gas, it is best to lay them on their back and bicycle the knees. Laying them down on their knees and rubbing circles on their backs helps relieve gas too.

How do you calm a fussy baby? Tell us your tips by leaving a comment below. Should you need more information on how to hold a fussy baby, watch this video below:

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