How should you treat your children?

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Find out what one blogger has to say about the way you should treat your children.

An online post by a prominent blogger, Dan Pearce, has shined the spotlight on his opinion about how children should be treated by their dads. His post has since drawn more than half a million shares on Facebook and over a thousand shares on Twitter.

“Treat your children with respect” was the underlying message that Dan hoped to deliver to all fathers. Despite the relative simplicity of his message, it makes one wonder what exactly did he say that resonated with so many people, making it go viral online?

Why you should treat your children with respect

In the post, Dan explains how witnessing a father ignoring his young son and reprimanding him in public provoked himself to write such a heated post on showing respect towards children. Dan begged fathers to appreciate their fortune and emphasises the notion that fathers should all treat children with respect.

So how exactly do you treat your children with respect? The main points of the three page long post can be summarised as follows:

  • Parents should always encourage and support their children as this would greatly affect their self-esteem.
  • Always show your child affection. Physical contact such as a hug or a kiss can go a long way in building a strong bond with your child.
  • Never vent your anger or frustration on your children. If you treat your children with respect, they won’t fear you.
  • Don’t crush your child’s dreams.
  • Nobody is immune to making mistakes and your child is certainly no exception. Do not reprimand your children when they do something wrong, as doing so could crush their spirits. Children often become whatever parents keep telling them they will become.
  • No matter how busy you are, try to find time to play with your children.
  • Constantly show your children how much you love them.


Read on to see where Dan’s opinion falls short.

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