High-speed baby race turns into nap time

One little contestant decided his racing days were over and took a nap instead!

During the halftime show of the March 14th NBA matchup between the Utah Jazz and Sacramento Kings, spectators sat on the edge of their seats. They bore witness to one of the most epic and thrilling exhibitions in all of sports: baby racing.

Sure, it may not be as engaging as an NBA game for everyone, but there's no denying that this race was absolutely adorable. Especially if you consider the unexpected turn of events that unfolded more than halfway through the race. One of the tiny competitors decided he'd had enough, and hilariously rolled over and took a nap!


Here we see the parents preparing their pint-sized racers at the starting line!

High-speed baby race turns into naptime

This little girl was born to race. She's got a real need for speed!

napper 2

This cute little boy figured he was done with his racing career. He quit right before the finish line!

Click the video below to watch the high-octane race in its entirety:

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