Great ideas for children's birthday favors

Great ideas for children's birthday favors

Find out what to put in your child's next birthday party favors

birthday favors

Candy is a great stuffing item for birthday favors

Birthday favors are a great way to show your appreciation to the people who attend your child’s birthday. It can also be a memorable keepsake for the children to carry home with them. Birthday party favors are a must have at any child’s birthday party.

Finding just the right things to put in favor bags for all ages is a different story though. Not to mention how difficult it can be to find something that can be enjoyed by both boys and girls. Well, it can be done with a little creativity and imagination. You can find many great birthday favor ideas at your local department store in the dollar or sale aisle. Here are some of the things you should be keeping an eye out for:


All kids love bubbles regardless of age and gender! You will find that bubbles can match any birthday theme. They even come with different types of wands to blow out the bubbles from.

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Photo booth pictures

This is a great souvenir to offer kids as a birthday favor. They can take a silly photos of themselves and take it home. You can set up a booth with a polaroid camera so that the kids can have hours of fun. It will also allow them to pose in some silly poses for their personalized pictures.

Teaching games

Games that teach values or educational lessons are the perfect birthday favor for any child. You can find some for all ages and can even get them in specific subjects. These games also turn out to be a great tutor when any child needs a little help with learning. Teaching games, such as flash cards, can be found in many dime store for a cheap price.

birthday favors

A decoration piece made out of several birthday favors put together

DIY crafts

This is a multipurpose idea! You can get some DIY crafts from your local craft store to use as a party game and birthday favor. Each kid can personalize their own craft and take it home with them. You can find plenty of popular craft items, such as silly hats, foam sunglasses, or picture frames, at any shop. They are fun and easy to work with. Normally they are inexpensive and can be bought in bulk.

Balloon animals

Definitely a great treat for anyone who attends your child’s birthday party. Balloon animals can be made to resemble anything the person wants. If properly taken care of, they will last a while. You can even shape some to look like people and decorate faces on them. It’s a good idea to have a clown entertain and shape them up for each child at the party.

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While this the most popular birthday favor, it is feared by many parents. Candy in small regulated amounts is okay, but try to stay away from chocolate. Chocolate will melt and may make a bigger mess than you anticipated. Try using healthy fruit candy as an alternative to sugar candy.

Finding the right birthday favors for your child’s birthday should not be difficult. Many dime stores have a huge selection of inexpensive party favors to choose from. The only tough decision to make might be knowing when to stop buying birthday favors. Make sure you get the right size bag to fit everything into.

Did these tips help you to find the perfect birthday favors? Do you have anymore tips on how to find birthday favors? Give us your feedback! We’d love to hear from you! For more on making the perfect birthday favors at home, watch this video:

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