Forehead Thermometer Accuracy and the of Other Thermometer Types

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Thermometers can be a boon for all mums striving to keep kids healthy. Types of thermometers and their efficacy have grown with advanced technology. forehead thermometer accuracy

Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit, the father of thermometer, created the ‘mercury-in-glass’ thermometer in 1714, and changed temperature reading scenario for ever. Over the years, thermometers have evolved into ‘non-contact’ forehead thermometers and many other types. They play a vital role in the health-care industry.

Forehead Thermometer Accuracy and the of other thermometer types

Body temperature is a crucial component among the health indicators. Any change in the optimal body temperature sends you signals that something is not right. As the first step towards a cure, you or your doctor will note down the body temperature. This is where the thermometer comes in. There is a mind-boggling variety in the market. Let us look at a basic few.

Digital Thermometers

These have heat sensors to identify the temperature of the body in contact. Oral, rectal, axillary or armpit are the three ways these are used. Of these, the armpit temperature is not always accurate whereas the rectal temperature is the most accurate.

A rectal thermometer is ideal for newborns to about age 3 years. For children above 3 years and adults, oral readings of temperature are also reliable if they keep their mouths closed when readings are taken.

Here are some options to consider:

Omron Forehead Thermometer (Model MC-720-AP)

Gentle and easy to use, you can even take your child's temperature while he or she is asleep. User-friendly features include a backlight for measurement in the dark. Comes with 1 Year Local (Singapore) Manufacturer Warranty. 

Digital Infrared Baby Thermometer

Ideal for both forehead and ear readings, simply point and press a button to get an accurate temperature reading. Store up to 35 temperature readings and recall them at any time. It is even able to take the temperature of the room and even objects. Suitable for all ages.

iProven Thermometer DMT-489Black

Recommended by doctors and paediatricians, this intuitive thermometer is able to detect even the smallest rise in temperature. It is also equipped with a fever indicator that lights up in green or red to measure severity of fever. Pouch, batteries and quick start guide provided for easy use and care.

Braun Ntf300us No Touch Forehead Thermometer

Temperature taking has never been that stress-free with this forehead thermometer. Available in both touch mode (self-assessment) and no touch mode (on sleeping child), for an ease of mind. Suitable usage from birth and comes with a 2-year guarantee.

Tympanic/Ear Thermometers

Here, infrared ray helps to measure the temperature inside the ear canal. These can be used for infants above 6 months of age and grown-ups. While the temperature recorded is very accurate, care has to be taken about positioning it right. It should also be taken into consideration that the presence of earwax can affect readings. 

Here are some options to consider:

Omron MC-523/Th839S Ear Thermometer

Fast one second measurement makes it super efficient to take your temperature or your child's. Its ergonomic design also allows for easy grip. A plus feature is the Fever alarm that helps to notify you if temperature rises higher than 37.5°C. 

Braun Ear Forehead Thermometer

Offering both convenience and professional accuracy, Braun's Ear and/or forehead thermometer will be your go-to in tackling your child's fever. Safe to use on all members of your family.

Digital Pacifier Thermometer

As the name suggests, if your child loves his/her pacifier, you may want to use this. As the child sucks on it, he/she does not realise you are measuring his/her temperature. This makes it a hassle-free process. Do note that these are not meant for newborns. The latest research says it is not always accurate, and it can be a challenge for children to grip the pacifier still inside their mouths. 

Here are some options to consider:

Soft Infant Baby Kid Nipple LCD Digital Mouth Pacifier Thermometer

This mouth pacifier thermometer features a teat that allows the measurement of your infant's body temperature—great for 0-6 month olds. Parents can rest assured because it is BPA free, Phthalate free among others. 


Infant Baby Health Digital Pacifier Thermometer Fever Soother Safe

Designed for comfort, this digital pacifier thermometer features an orthodontic nipple and is waterproof. It also allows consistent monitoring of up to 25 minutes with proven clinical accuracy. Automatic shut-off, BPA and latex free. Instruction sheet and and case included.

Temporal Artery Thermometer

Also known as ‘forehead thermometer’, it uses infrared sensors to read the temperature of the temporal artery on the forehead. It is accurate for infants above 3 months and older kids and adults. Research shows that forehead thermometer is as accurate as the rectal thermometer. 

Here are some options to consider:

Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer

Safe and easy to use, this temporal artery thermometer is said to be more accurate than ear thermometers: its arterial heat balance feature is able to measure the correct temperature with accuracy.

iProven Baby Thermometer Forehead

While temporal artery may be more expensive than other types of thermometers, it is great in providing accurate readings for a newborn, without touching his/her forehead. Plus, there's a mute function so no worries that you will wake your baby. 

Plastic Strip Thermometer

It is placed on the forehead to identify the raised body temperature, helping to indicate if a patient is running a fever. As compared to other thermometer types in the market, they are not very accurate in their readings. Hence, the use is not recommended due to the lack of reliability.

Here are some options to consider:

SUKRAGRAHA Baby Forehead Strip Check Thermometer

This forehead strip check thermometer is good for a quick and rough measure. Simply stick it on your baby's head. It is easy to clean, safe and mercury free. 3 reusable pieces included. Note: do not use it within 30 minutes after meal, drinking and activity.

Reusable Flexible Head Fever Forehead LCD Thermometer Strip

This thermometer is made from an environmental friendly material, is convenient, safe and non-toxic. Simply hold both ends against dry forehead for 15 seconds for measurement. Keep away from sunlight and heat sources. 

Baby Kids Forehead Strip Head Thermometer

Parents can continuously monitor the baby's temperature without affecting his/her sleep. Its temperature ranges from 35°C to 40°C, no battery required, unbreakable and compressible.

Mercury and Glass Thermometer

The original ‘modern thermometer’ is now an antique. You are advised not to continue its usage as it is considered harmful: the glass breaks easily and the liquid mercury inside is toxic. Though effective for adults and children, it is best to entirely avoid using it.

Of all the above thermometer types, forehead thermometer accuracy is the most reliable for homes and clinics. 

  • The ‘no-touch’ option keeps it safe from viral contamination. 
  • They measure within a second
  • The additional feature is that it can measure room temperature and any surface temperature.

Take an informed decision about which thermometer to use at home if you have babies or the elderly to take care of. Opting for a multi-utility thermometer is a smart option.

Sources: Mayoclinic, Ashtons Hospital Pharmacy, Omron

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Editor's note: The product links provided here are aimed to help simplify product searches for our readers. Purchase the items at your own discretion. We do not take liability for any transaction issues and dispute. If you purchase an item from this post, theAsianparent may receive a small cut. Each item and price is up to date at the time of publication; however, an item may be sold out or the price may be different at a later date.

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