Offbeat, unconventional and zany — Flipside welcomes you to the lighter side of the arts!

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Flipside invites you to play and discover the arts from a refreshingly different and quirky perspective.

Featuring a host of work by both Singapore and international artists, let loose and have fun at our 10-day festival with a variety of whimsical and wacky performances for all ages.


Metamorphosis by Iceland’s World of Puppets, is a fascinating collection of original short stories, told not with words, but with the metaphorical grace of puppets.


With hands and arms as their only performing tools, Russia’s Hand Made Theatre presents Time for Fun. Watch them create many images to capture your imagination!

Time for Fun

Good things come in small packages— Marine Boy Circus is the smallest one-man circus you’ve ever seen! Be charmed by Marine Boy and enter his comically endearing circus universe.

Marine Boy Circus

Humanity was thought to be the only civilisation on planet Earth—until humans chanced upon a “lost” civilisation. Having awakened guardian automatons, a battle is sparked between robots and humans. Who will prevail in this futuristic dance for survival and supremacy? Don’t miss Light Civilisation – a larger-than-life roving act!

Light Civilisation

If you experienced Itinerània first open-air maze at Flipside in 2013, you are in for a new treat! In Laberint II, there are many paths, but only one exit to be discovered. Wander through a sea of coloured walls and encounter puzzles waiting to be unlocked or answered.


There are over 100 ticketed and free performances and activities from all around the world with elements of mime, puppetry, comedy, circus arts, storytelling and other category-defying shows for everyone to feast on and delight in.

Take an imaginative leap with us. Discover the arts through unexpected forms and spaces around Esplanade!

Activities & Play