Five ways to fix a rainy Children’s Day

Five ways to fix a rainy Children’s Day

Don’t let the weather take Children’s Day away from your kids! Let them have a blast and keep dry at the same time.

So the rain has not been forgiving, and your tot is upset that you haven’t been able to have your day the way you had planned.

Or you might have been stuck at work and now the weather beckons you to jump into bed and read them a story, so why don’t you?

We’ve come up with a list of things you can do with your little ones when a holiday turns wet and soggy, without letting them catch a cold of course!

So if you haven’t spent any time with your kids today, here’s what you can do with the rest of it:

1. A trip to McDonalds: Most kids love fast-food, and driving through means you won’t have to worry about parking or the rain, plus they will feel like they’re having a little outing. KFC is an option too. If you’d rather order in, let them eat a big pizza in front of one of their favourite movies, or try to create a tent out of a sheet and let them have their feast under it.

2. Go arcading: If your kid loves gaming, take him/her to an arcade! If you have strict gaming rules at home, give them a green-light today and let them play as much as they like. Try and learn how to play as well and you might just find yourself addicted.

3. Buy them presents: This could be fun for you and your small one. Let them pick a present each, and when you get home, open them up with a little ceremony. They will feel like Christmas came early. In fact, Toys’R’Us probably rakes in most of its revenue in Singapore today!

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4. Have a picnic at home: Teach them how to make little snacks, lay out a picnic blanket in your living room, put on their favourite music and feast away!

5. A pyjama party: Hold a pyjama party, and invite all their friends over. The spontaneity of this will excite them, and if it’s too short notice to have their friends over, throw a pyjama party just for you and your kid. Get into your jammies, tell ghost stories and play dark room!

Make sure your kid has fun today, after all this is a day dedicated to them! Check out some more rainy day ideas here. If you were planning to have a day out, you can still take your kids out tomorrow. Here’s an idea. 


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