Experts now give the green light for children and screen time

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Are you a parent who is feeling guilty about letting your young children use mobile devices? Well, the American Academy of Pediatrics has now changed their guidelines on kids and screen time.

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There is now a revised guideline for children and screen time.

Admit it, as parents we all need a break sometimes and find it easy and convenient to reach out for that iPad, Tab or handphone and pass it over to our kid to buy ourselves some time for a quick breather.

And of course, soon after we spend guilty moments thinking how many of our kids’ grey cells were killed while they were on the screen.

It’s not easy to completely avoid exposing your child to “screen time”, given how we are constantly surrounded by mobile devices, be it at home, at the office, or even in school.

But what are researchers now saying about allowing your child to use mobile devices? How much is too much and how have the guidelines changed? We have the latest update about children and screen time for all concerned parents to make note of.

Keeping up with the times

In 2011, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) made a policy statement, Media Use by Children Younger Than Two Years, which discourages screen time for children under the age of two years and to limit the amount of screen time for those over two years of age.

However, recently they have since acknowledged that we are now in a world where “screen time” is simply known as just “time”, thus their policies have to evolve or risk becoming obsolete.

So after the AAP evaluated some updated data, they are now saying that it is fine for children under the age of two to be exposed to screen time as well as children above the age of two, provided that parents follow their revised guidelines.

Want to know what is the AAP’s revised guideline for children and screen time? Keep reading to find out!

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