The doors to quality early years education open at EtonHouse Bilingual Pre-school @ Upper Bukit Timah

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A Light studio, a rooftop outdoor play area complete with a veggie plot and a beautifully decorated Mandarin room are just some of the features of this preschool your child will get to enjoy! Keep reading

Nurturing your child through his early years can help lay a strong foundation for his future.

Nurturing your child through his early years at EtonHouse Bilingual Pre-school @ Upper Bukit Timah Road can help lay a strong foundation for his future.

Children’s early years are when the foundation of their future is built, and choosing a preschool is crucial to setting this foundation.

Education experts point out that an important component of this foundation is bilingualism. A bilingual brain is quicker and nimbler, and comes with benefits such as the ability to deal with ambiguities and solve problems.

For these reasons and more, it’s no surprise that parents today want a preschool for their children that offers a successful and well regarded inquiry-based bilingual programme — such as EtonHouse.

Valuing a holistic and multifaceted approach to early education, EtonHouse is a well-known provider of high quality preschool education in Singapore, taking great pride in their inquiry-based ‘Inquire Think Learn’ curriculum. Their programme develops not just knowledge and academic skills, but also social skills and, most importantly, a love of learning itself.

They recently opened a bilingual preschool on Upper Bukit Timah road, and, as a mum of two young kids myself, I was very excited to take a tour of this facility and see what they had to offer.

EtonHouse @ Upper Bukit Timah

The ‘Inquire Think Learn’ curriculum of EtonHouse extends to their newest bilingual pre-school at Upper Bukit Timah Road too.

A warm, welcoming space

EtonHouse @ Upper Bukit Timah finds home in a five-storey building, with each level innovatively designed and decorated to stimulate and nurture your child in every way.

They have classes for children from Pre-nursery to Kindergarten 2. 

As you walk in to the reception area of EtonHouse @ Upper Bukit Timah, be prepared for a warm welcome from preschool principal Ng Shu Ping, who will explain the purpose and intention behind how the space in the school is designed.

The preschool is beautifully decorated, but this is more than the work of a highly skilled interior designer.

Ng explained that they firmly believe in creating a respectful space and a stimulating environment for children, which they wanted the learning environment of the entire preschool to reflect.

She went on to say that the school was specially designed by their own educators who have carefully set up the learning environment with a variety of materials and resources strategically placed to stimulate the minds and senses of the children.

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