The doors to quality early years education open at EtonHouse Bilingual Pre-school @ Upper Bukit Timah

The doors to quality early years education open at EtonHouse Bilingual Pre-school @ Upper Bukit Timah

A Light studio, a rooftop outdoor play area complete with a veggie plot and a beautifully decorated Mandarin room are just some of the features of this preschool your child will get to enjoy! Keep reading

Nurturing your child through his early years can help lay a strong foundation for his future.

Nurturing your child through his early years at EtonHouse Bilingual Pre-school @ Upper Bukit Timah Road can help lay a strong foundation for his future.

Children’s early years are when the foundation of their future is built, and choosing a preschool is crucial to setting this foundation.

Education experts point out that an important component of this foundation is bilingualism. A bilingual brain is quicker and nimbler, and comes with benefits such as the ability to deal with ambiguities and solve problems.

For these reasons and more, it’s no surprise that parents today want a preschool for their children that offers a successful and well regarded inquiry-based bilingual programme — such as EtonHouse.

Valuing a holistic and multifaceted approach to early education, EtonHouse is a well-known provider of high quality preschool education in Singapore, taking great pride in their inquiry-based ‘Inquire Think Learn’ curriculum. Their programme develops not just knowledge and academic skills, but also social skills and, most importantly, a love of learning itself.

They recently opened a bilingual preschool on Upper Bukit Timah road, and, as a mum of two young kids myself, I was very excited to take a tour of this facility and see what they had to offer.

EtonHouse @ Upper Bukit Timah

The ‘Inquire Think Learn’ curriculum of EtonHouse extends to their newest bilingual pre-school at Upper Bukit Timah Road too.

A warm, welcoming space

EtonHouse @ Upper Bukit Timah finds home in a five-storey building, with each level innovatively designed and decorated to stimulate and nurture your child in every way.

They have classes for children from Pre-nursery to Kindergarten 2. 

As you walk in to the reception area ofEtonHouse @ Upper Bukit Timah, be prepared for a warm welcome from preschool principal Ng Shu Ping, who will explain the purpose and intention behind how the space in the school is designed.

The preschool is beautifully decorated, but this is more than the work of a highly skilled interior designer.

Ng explained that they firmly believe in creating a respectful space and a stimulating environment for children, which they wanted the learning environment of the entire preschool to reflect.

She went on to say that the school was specially designed by their own educators who have carefully set up the learning environment with a variety of materials and resources strategically placed to stimulate the minds and senses of the children.

On the next page, find out about the amazing “specialist studios” for little ones.

EtonHouse @ Upper Bukit Timah

The library is a cozy and inviting space that invites little ones to get comfy on a cushion and enjoy reading and listening to their favourite stories.

Specialist studios

Each level ofEtonHouse @ Upper Bukit Timah has been planned out with a unique learning theme in mind and, as such, is home to several “specialist studios.”

These studios have all been designed to promote and nurture the EtonHouse approach to learning, which acknowledges the sociocultural principle that kids understand their world through meaningful interaction with peers, material, and adults.

As such, each space is not just aesthetically pleasing, but also full of meaningful and open-ended resources to provoke and promote thinking in your little one.

EtonHouse @ Upper Bukit Timah

Emphasis is placed on the organisation of materials and resources to invite children to engage in active and hands-on experiences .

The Visual Arts Studio

Located on the second level and at the heart of the preschool, kids here are supported by a full-time art teacher. 

It is full of light and has strategically placed crayons, pencils, markers, and painting materials for little ones to express themselves creatively.

The preschool also believes in teaching kids about the importance of recycling. Plenty of natural materials are made available to kids for their art projects. You’ll also see that the environment is quite “print rich,” with the inclusion of writing tools such as pens, post cards, and envelopes, encouraging kids to practice and develop their literacy skills.

EtonHouse @ Upper Bukit Timah

During their experiences with a specialist teacher, kids are encouraged to express themselves through painting and other forms of art.

The Performing Arts Studio

This studio is equipped with a range of musical instruments for little musicians to have fun, while learning at the same time. What’s more, your child’s musical talents will be honed by a music specialist who visits twice a week.

Read about the beautiful rooftop garden and more on the next page. 

The Mandarin Cultural Room

Red Chinese silk parasols hanging prettily from the ceiling, a beautiful calligraphy set, kid-sized silk Chinese costumes, and plenty of Mandarin kids’ books can be found in this gorgeous room.

As with every space that can be found in EtonHouse at Upper Bukit Timah, this room is designed to stimulate your child’s mind while nurturing his Mandarin skills.

EtonHouse @ Upper Bukit Timah

The beautiful Mandarin Cultural Room atEtonHouse @ Upper Bukit Timah!

The indoor and outdoor play areas

Every morning for an hour, little ones get plenty of exercise in the indoor and outdoor play areas located on the fifth storey.

The former is well-equipped with sturdy play equipment and a big square of soft, green synthetic lawn. Kids are coached by a dedicated physical education specialist.

EtonHouse @ Upper Bukit Timah

Children spend an hour a day getting active in both the indoor and outdoor play areas. Here, you see the very spacious indoor play area.

The latter has a beautiful little pavilion draped with soft fabric in pastel shades where little ones can dance while others play pots-and-pan musical instruments hung on a wall. There is also a water-play area, and little garden plots for kids to get their hands dirty, while learning about plants and gardening at the same time.

EtonHouse @ Upper Bukit Timah

The beautiful rooftop garden which provides children with a range of experiences including sand play, water play, gardening, music and more.

Other than the specialist studios, little ones also get to learn about science through play with light and shadows in the light studio. Meanwhile, the performing arts space on level three cultivates the imagination and self-expression of little theater thespians by providing them with a variety of colourful costumes, a mini stage, and much more.

Healthy, yummy eats

EtonHouse’s approach to a holistic curriculum includes your child’s nutrition. The preschool provides three freshly prepared and well-balanced daily meals (breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack) for the kids.

Lunch menu samples include chicken Bolognese with parmesan cheese; teriyaki chicken with broccoli, carrot and steamed rice; and egg fried rice with salmon flakes and mixed vegetables.

Vegetarians are also well catered to, with a separate vegetarian menu.

To read about how excellent bilingual education is provided to your little ones, and to book a tour, please go to the next page.

EtonHouse @ Upper Bukit Timah

In the light studio, kids are introduced to science concepts such as light and shadows.

Bilingual education par excellence

AtEtonHouse @ Upper Bukit Timah, children are immersed in an integrated and immersive dual-language environment where language learning is spontaneous, relevant, and consistent.

For each group of kids there is one Mandarin teacher and one English teacher who maintain the ideal bilingual environment where kids are always exposed to two languages.

The role of the two teachers is not to translate what the other says, but instead, to ensure the natural flow of both languages. With exposure to both languages in this way at all times, children are enabled to think and understand concepts in two different languages and communicate effectively in them.

As a result, you can rest assured that when your little ones are ready for the next big phase in their life — primary school — they will be effectively bilingual, confident, intellectually curious, open-minded, and creative in spirit and bound to be successful in any environment they go to in the future.

EtonHouse @ Upper Bukit Timah

Sensory corridors are shared spaces that offer children a range of materials meant to provoke wonder and curiosity

Don’t miss the Open House!

Saturday, 25 July 2015, 9.30 am – 3 pm

9.30 am – 11.15 am             Conversations with Alumni and Kindergarten children

11.30 am – 12.30 pm          Neuroceramics workshop by Da Vinci Group

12.30 pm – 1.30 pm           Soccer by Tinytots (limited spaces; call to reserve your slot)

1.30 pm – 2.30 pm             Dance workshop by Dancepointe

2 pm – 3 pm                         Model and Lego Building by Bricks 4 Kidz

Immerse in our teacher-led experiences offered across Pre-Nursery to Kindergarten classrooms with a strong focus on bilingualism, literacy and numeracy, and join in our engaging and fun-filled workshops.

RSVP to enjoy an exclusive waiver of registration fee.

Parents, why not head for the Open House at EtonHouse @ Upper Bukit Timah and tell us what you think about it by posting a comment below? We would really love to hear from you!

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