Equally sweet, even healthier

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Check out Equal, the 0 calorie sweetener!

Diabetes is the 10th cause of death in Singapore.

While things like breastfeeding helps reduce the chance of gestational diabetes, one of the best ways of reducing the chance of developing diabetes and dealing with it is to reduce your intake of sugar.

Equal acts as a substitute for normal sugar allowing you to enjoy your sweet treats without intaking the calories and it caters for special diets.

Equal provides a myriad range of recipes that you can try out, especially with the range of Equal products they offer.

The Equal range of products have recently grown with the launch of Equal Gold and Equal Sugar Blend. Both of them are perfect for the health conscious (who indulge in the occasional sweet treat on the side).

In fact, both Equal Gold and Equal Sugar Blend is Vegetarian, Halal, Lactose-free, Gluten-free, Trans-fat free and Non-hypoallergenic.

Both products contain Sucralose, a no-calorie, high-quality sweetener that is made from sugar and retains the same taste. Despite being made from sugar, it is approximately 600 times sweeter than sugar, meaning you can consume less of it and still satisfy your sweet tooth.

Have a sweet Christmas!

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