Enrol in the Regal Academy and go on a whimsical adventure with Rose Cinderella and friends at Snow City!

The Regal Academy brings fairytales to life this September at Snow City Singapore! Get your little princes and princesses ready to play dress up, meet Rose Cinderella and Hawk Snow White and listen to magical fairytales.

This September, Singapore’s first indoor snow centre, Snow City Singapore, welcomes the characters of an up-and-coming fairy tale animated series, Regal Academy, to its premises.

Everyone knows the great fairytale heroes such as Cinderella and Snow White but you may not be familiar with the most –life changing adventure of all- they got old! To pass their stories onto future generations, they joined together and built a school called the Regal Academy. Join their grandchildren, Rose Cinderella and Hawk Snow White, train to become new generations of fairytale heroes at Snow City this September.

Visitors to the Snow City can look forward to a series of activities that have been lined up for the entire month including storytelling by Astoria Rapunzel and meet-and-greets with the main characters Rose Cinderella and Hawk Snow White!  They will also get to experience being a student of the Regal Academy and will be rewarded with a special Regal Academy gift with every report card completed.

Plus, get the chance to dress up like a prince or a princess at our ‘Dress Me Up Corner’ and complete your fairytale experience.

Enjoy a magical September with the characters of Regal Academy at Snow City today!

Special Promotion: Receives a Regal Academy Crown or Arm Band with every child ticket purchased. Promotion is valid from 1-30 September 2017


September Activities

For more information on the Regal Academy at Snow City Singapore, click here: www.snowcity.com.sg


About the characters

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