Enrichment classes for kids – Register for $10 trial lessons now!

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Are you looking to kickstart your child’s learning journey with a fun and engaging enrichment programme? Head down to City Square Mall this month to check out the combined open house at LEAP SchoolHouse, Perfect Pitch and Genius R Us! Keep reading to find out more…

enrichment classes for kids

With so many enrichment classes for kids to choose from, how would you know which one’s right for your child?

Since becoming a parent, I look forward to witnessing my daughter’s important milestones. From her first roll-over to her first crawl, she’s now moved on to her first wobbly steps, and eagerly tries to utter every single word that we teach to her.

Watching her reach these milestones has made me realise that every part of her body is experiencing rapid growth, as she learns about the things around her and pick up new skills each day. Knowing the importance of keeping my 1-year-old stimulated through fun activities and playtime, I am keen to try out whatever it takes to shape and develop her mind.

With this realisation, I began my research on enrichment programmes for early learning – and that’s how I came to know about enrichment centres such as LEAP SchoolHouse, Perfect Pitch and Genius R Us at City Square Mall.

Want to know more about the enrichment classes for kids at LEAP SchoolHouse, Perfect Pitch and Genius R Us? Find out on page 2…