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Cases of body-shaming pregnant ladies for their baby bump is on the rise.

We have all heard about people being criticised for being too thin or too curvy. As if that is not bad enough, cases of body-shaming pregnant ladies for their baby bump is on the rise. What ever happened to seeing pregnancy—bringing life into this world—as something beautiful?

Out of all the expecting mothers, those who are public figures become easy target.

Earlier this year, Daily Mail reported about Kristi Gordon, TV anchor for British Columbia's news channel Global BC, and Katie Fehlinger, meteorologist for CBS 3 Philadelphia, being slammed for having their baby bump show too much.

Mean comments such as "disgusting" and "sausage in casing" were thrown their way. Both have spoken up against the bullies, but it is not enough to stop the heartless act.

Recently, meteorologist Cindy Morgan of KAAL-TV/ABC 6 News in Minnesota became a victim as well. This time, the online keyboard warriors insulted her for wearing clothes that are "distasteful and disrespectful".

For the record, all three presenters were in maternity wear, without showing an inch of skin from their baby bump. They look amazing despite being well into their pregnancy!

Cindy had taken it to Facebook to address the matter, and the other staff from the channel has got her back as well.


Since when has body shaming a pregnant woman become the thing to do? I’ve been told to wear maternity clothes (which...

Posted by Cindy Morgan ABC 6 Meteorologist on Tuesday, 24 November 2015


Since then, the hashtag #EmbraceTheBump has gone viral on Twitter and Facebook, with pregnant women all over the world showing support for the meteorologist, and for each other.  

It is definitely heartening to see that there is still so much love and humanity in this world amidst the mindless hate.


What do you think of this? Speak up against the bullies in the comments below!

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Brenda Loo