Ellen DeGeneres is stunned by a 3-year-old girl's Periodic Table Knowledge

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Watch this cute video of a 3-year-old displaying her knowledge of the Periodic Table, leaving Ellen DeGeneres shocked.

Ellen DeGeneres certainly did not expect the petite 3-year-old sitting in front of her to be able to recite not just the Periodic table, but also know the details of each element.

When introducing Brielle and her talent, Ellen stated "Our next guest can recite the entire periodic table. So either she's really smart or just a complete showoff?"

Watch Ellen get blown away by Brielle's knowledge as she proves that she is, in fact... really smart.

Don't you just love it when Brielle exclaims that "Isn't that crazy'! after stating that Potassium burns underwater? Post your reactions to this cute video below.

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