6 Simple Positions to Help Ease Painful Sex After Giving Birth

6 Simple Positions to Help Ease Painful Sex After Giving Birth

Make sex after giving birth more satisfying with these tips on how to lessen discomfort!

After giving birth, new mums often experience certain issues when it comes to resuming intimacy. Some struggle with low libido, while others encounter difficulties in enjoying intercourse. Vaginal dryness, slow healing of stitches, and trauma to the pelvic wall are some of the common postpartum complaints that can lead to painful sex.

Unless on your doctor advises against it, most mums can start having sex again as early as a month after having a vaginal delivery. For post-CS mums, the wait maybe longer.

Here are simple positions to lessen pain during postpartum sex.

1. Spooning

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This simple position involves lying with your partner hugging you from behind. This position is ideal for shallow penetration, lessening too much deep pressure and making sex more enjoyable.

2. Standing, shower sex

They say shower sex isn’t for everyone, and it’s not as sexy as it looks in TV or movies, but it can actually be helpful to couples who’ve just had a baby.

Make sure the shower water is warm, for maximum relaxation and lubrication. Some experts recommend assuming the ‘doggie-style’ position, but Romper says mixing it up is fine.

3. CAT (Coital Alignment technique)

This version of the classic missionary position puts focus on the woman’s clitoris.  Men’s Health says this position isn’t about thrusting too much. After penetration, you must keep your legs together, while your partner keeps his leg apart. Though it allows for shallow penetration, the sensation is just as satisfying.

4. Woman on Top

6 Simple Positions to Help Ease Painful Sex After Giving Birth

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Assuming this sex position postpartum helps you control the pace and depth of penetration. It also lessens the pressure placed on your pelvis, making sex less painful and more enjoyable.

5. Sideways 69

This variation of the classic 69 position involves lying side-to-side and performing oral sex on one another with care. This lessens pressure and doesn’t force you to exert too much energy.

6. Missionary with pillow support

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This may be the most popular choice for couples because it involves the classic missionary. The only difference is that your hips are raised and propped up by pillows, depending on your comfort level.

It’s important not to rush things! Remember to lubricate, warm-up, be honest if you need more foreplay than usual, and open up to your partner about your fears and insecurities.

*This article first appeared on theAsianparent Philippines

sources: Parents.com, Romper, WhattoExpect.com, Men’s Health

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