Importance of early education

Importance of early education

The pre-school years are a fun time in your child’s life. At this age they begin to develop and learn the skills needed for their future. It’s a phase that passes quite quickly yet it is at this time that they exhibit a lot of potential.

The fact is from the time of conception to the age of five, a child's brain development charges along at a pace faster than at any other time in its life. Children are like sponges at this age, readily soaking knowledge with a high learning curve.


The earlier a child is taught the brighter the future for that child will be. Hence, it would be wise to consider an early childhood program for your pre-school children. It can be an important part of your child’s intellectual growth. It prepares the child for the learning process and the curriculum that are offered in kindergarten and beyond. Many children experience problems as they adjust to the kindergarten environment. By going through an early childhood education programme a child acquires a decent grasp of the situation when they enter their kindergarten years.

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Written by

Roshni Mahtani

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