Drunk mum falls out of car leaving 3-year-old son to drive

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This story is a good reminder why we should never drink and drive. Those who do are not just endandering their own lives, but also those of others in the vehicle.

drunk oklahoma mum falls out of car

Drunk Oklahoma mum falls out of car: Police with a little boy whose drunken mother fell out of her pickup truck while driving.
Image: YouTube screengrab

Most mums we know are responsible and caring and would never put their kids in danger. Things were a bit different in the case of Taloa Foster from Oklahoma, USA, though.

According to the New York Daily News and other reports, on 14 October this year, the mum of 3-year-old twin boys was drunk and driving her pickup truck with her boys in it.

Then the unbelievable happened — she fell out of the car. Reportedly, one of the boys “then steered the truck across four lanes of traffic while standing on the seat to reach the steering wheel for about three blocks before crashing into a curb.”

Foster told police that she fell out of her vehicle while trying to buckle her son’s seatbelt. She was found walking along the road when the little boy crashed the truck.

Reports say that bystanders comforted the two distraught children as police conducted a sobriety test on the drunken mum.

An empty liquor bottle had been found in the truck, say reports.

Thankfully, the two toddlers were not hurt in the incident, and were placed in the care of their grandfather. Their 33-year-old mum, meanwhile, was reportedly arrested and charged with with child endangerment.

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