Fancy a date with a dolphin?

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Then you really should read this article that's all about the amazingly beautiful dolphins at Dolphin Island! You'll also find out about their new calf and how you can name her, and stand to win an incredible Dolphin VIP programme for two worth $576...

Dolphin Island

Do you want to find out where in Singapore you can interact with a beautiful dolphin such as this one? This article has the answer!

Dolphins are the second most intelligent species of mammals on the planet, with intelligence quotient (IQ) levels of a seven- to nine-year-old child. We love them for their cheeky, curious nature and gently curved mouths that make them look like they’re smiling all the time.

Wouldn’t it be a dream come true for your whole family to swim with these beautiful mammals, learn about them, and perhaps even give them a kiss and a cuddle?

Your dream may just turn to reality because there is a place right here in Singapore that gives you and your kids the privilege of experiencing an up-close and unforgettable experience with dolphins and enjoying great family bonding in the process.

Dolphin Island

The entrance to Dolphin Island, situated in Adventure Cove Waterpark.

Dolphin Island, Resorts World Sentosa

Starting from just $68, your whole family will get to create some amazing memories and find out more about dolphins through engagement learning at Dolphin Island.

They also recently welcomed a dolphin calf to their family. This playful little girl needs a name, and you can find out how you and your kids can help give her a name later on in this article.

This world-class attraction offers six dolphin interaction programmes that are fun, and most importantly, educational, especially for your little ones.

Dolphin Discovery

Would you like to get a smooch from a dolphin?

Dolphin Discovery 

If you or your kids don’t swim, then this programme is ideal for you. All you need to do is stand in waist-deep water in the lagoon for an astonishing experience.

You will be paired up with one of the trainers who will take you to meet your dolphin “date.” You and your kids will be taught a few basic hand signals by the trainer, and learn about dolphin behaviours as well as how the trainers provide enrichment for the friendly dolphin, from fish treats to rub-downs!

Dolphin Island

Our writer enjoys a moment with Raja the dolphin in the Dolphin Discovery programme.

Parents, you can be sure your kids will enjoy learning these hand commands and feel a sense of pride when they are able to get the dolphins to follow their hand signals.

You’ll also get to give your dolphin friend gentle pats. The dolphins here love being rubbed in a circular motion on their body.

Your kids will just love getting a kiss from their mischievous dolphin buddy and being able to give him or her a gentle hug in return. Rest assured that the trainer will tell you exactly what to do and how to behave around the dolphin.

Keep in mind: Parents will need to accompany kids below 12 years old and the maximum accompanying ratio is three kids to one adult. Your kids will have to be at least 115cm tall to participate in this programme.

Suitable for: Families with kids aged four to twelve years old

Price: Adult S$98, Child/Senior S$88

Dolphin Island

Go on an adventure of a lifetime with beautiful dolphins in the Dolphin Adventure programme!

Dolphin Adventure 

This programme will give your family the chance to actually swim with dolphins, and is perfect for good swimmers who enjoy a bit of adventure and action. You can expect to be taken on an exciting journey into the depths of a lagoon and even experience the thrill of being propelled through the water by dolphins!

This is a really unique way of interacting with these amazing creatures and is a not-to-be missed programme if you want to create incredible memories.

Keep in mind: Parents will need to accompany kids below 12 years old and the maximum accompanying ratio is three kids to one adult. Your kids will have to be at least 115cm tall to participate in this programme.

Suitable for: Families with kids aged four to 12 years old

Price: Adult S$128, Child/Senior S$118

Find out how you could take a walk with the dolphins on the lagoon floor… next page please! 

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