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TheAsianparent's Review Board is a panel of certified health & wellness experts and medical professionals who are here to help all the parents-to-be & parents through their pregnancy & parenting journey. They join us in our mission to be a modern resource for reliable and realistic pregnancy and parenting advice.

All you need to know about the experts who review our articles and make sure they are accurate, factual, and trustworthy.

Review Board Members

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Dr Ivan Lau

Family Medicine Physician

Dr Ivan Lau is theSenior Director for Clinical Services for Speedoc. Speedoc is a leading health-tech company in Asia providing full suite of healthcare services on-demand including doctors, nurses, ambulances and medication. Dr Ivan Lau's specialty is family medicine. He graduated from National University of Singapore.

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Here’s How Our Review Board Works

All content on theAsianparent that adheres to medical information, health, or safety is verified by medical professionals as per their area of expertise. theAsianparent adheres to the highest levels of editorial standards with sourcing guidelines based on peer-reviewed medical journals, academic institutions, and highly credible medical organizations.

Once a piece of content is approved, it receives the Review Board stamp in the byline—and you’ll know exactly who reviewed it and when. Articles may also be updated when there are new clinical guidelines, changes in standards of care, new practice recommendations or product recalls.

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