Doctors shocked when girl’s appendicitis turned out to be worms

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As they were about to take the appendix out, they noticed that its color was “lily white" instead of pink or red.

Appendicitis is a common enough condition that no one anymore bats and eyelash at the mention of it.

That was why when a teenage girl started to experience its typical symptoms (abdominal pain, nausea), she went to the hospital to have it taken care of.

According to an article published on BMJ Case Reports, however, the doctors weren’t entirely convinced that it was appendicitis causing her discomfort.

The case report said:

“Non-specific abdominal pain could also be due to irritable bowel syndrome; however, there was no bloating, change in bowel habit or obvious psychological stressors at home.

“Urinary tract infections can cause similar symptoms, but there was no frequency or dysuria and the urinary investigations ruled out this differential.

“The patient reported no gynaecological symptoms and she was not in the right stage of her cycle for mittelschmerz (mid-cycle pain) to be a likely cause.

“Other differentials for abdominal pain, including inflammatory bowel syndrome, Meckel’s diverticulum and ovarian cysts, were not supported by the history, examination and investigation findings.”

Since her pain wasn’t going away and they did not want to risk a life-threatening bout with appendicitis, the doctors decided to take out her appendix anyway.

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