Doctor’s opinions on IVF pros and cons

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We asked Dr Suresh Nair, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynecologist, about the pros and cons of IVF from a medical professional’s perspective. Read on for more...

in vitro fertilization pros and cons

IVF pros and cons

From a medical professional’s perspective, what are the IVF pros and cons? Dr Suresh Nair gives us his perspective. Read on for a better understanding of IVF.

IVF Pros

IVF is one of the most efficient methods of fertility treatment. It overcomes quite a number of causes of infertility. When a couple tries to conceive naturally, in women younger than 35 years, the prospect of conception per month is about 22 to 25%. However, IVF can almost double this.

IVF has also become more patient friendly. The treatments are shorter, the injections are literally painless and very easy to use – it comes as an easy-to-use pen called the Gonal F pen. The side effects are far less. Also, the risk of over-reaction i.e. ovarian overstimulation is minimised and very low especially now with modern techniques.

IVF risk

The risk of IVF is overstimulation but this has been made very low by the above innovation.  Having too many pregnancies can be a risk and if the babies are delivered too early it is very dangerous and can cause brain damage and a lot of abnormalities in the babies. Now with excellent laboratory advancements, our pregnancy rates are very good and we need only put back one embryo into the womb to grow into one single pregnancy and delivery of a single baby.  This is far safer than multiple pregnancies causing premature birth.

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