What makes the perfect diaper bag? (Infographic)

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Experienced mums help use create the most comprehensive guide on choosing the right diaper bag Singapore mums-to-be need!

As a new mum, a good diaper bag will be your best friend. It enables you to step outside of the home with your little one in tow, and have all of your and your baby’s essentials in one place — and most importantly — easily accessible and organised.

At theAsianparent we did some research of our own, which included surveying Singaporean mums to find out their opinion on what makes the ideal diaper bag and to discover what is most popular style of diaper bag in Singapore.

Diaper bag singapore


Singapore mums speak out about diaper bags

In our survey of 200 mums, all of who had kids aged under six years old, 90% bought a diaper bag and 10% did not.

One of the mums who felt it was unnecessary to buy a diaper bag had this to say: “Actually, there is no need to buy diaper bag. You can just use a tote bag that you have at home with a diaper bag organizer or a ziplock to bring his diapers and change of clothes, etc.”

However, the majority of mums feel that a good diaper bag is essential, especially when they are out and about with their babies.

Mums are willing to spend top dollars for the perfect diaper bag

According to the poll results, majority of mums (39%) paid above $200 for a great diaper bag, and 33% between $100-200. 16% of mummies spent less than $50 on a diaper bag and 13% paid between $50-$90.

On the next page — the most important features you should be looking for while evaluating the diaper bag Singapore choices. 

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