What makes the perfect diaper bag? (Infographic)

What makes the perfect diaper bag? (Infographic)

Experienced mums help use create the most comprehensive guide on choosing the right diaper bag Singapore mums-to-be need!

As a new mum, a good diaper bag will be your best friend. It enables you to step outside of the home with your little one in tow, and have all of your and your baby’s essentials in one place — and most importantly — easily accessible and organised.

At theAsianparent we did some research of our own, which included surveying Singaporean mums to find out their opinion on what makes the ideal diaper bag and to discover what is most popular style of diaper bag in Singapore.

Diaper bag singapore


Singapore mums speak out about diaper bags

In our survey of 200 mums, all of who had kids aged under six years old, 90% bought a diaper bag and 10% did not.

One of the mums who felt it was unnecessary to buy a diaper bag had this to say: “Actually, there is no need to buy diaper bag. You can just use a tote bag that you have at home with a diaper bag organizer or a ziplock to bring his diapers and change of clothes, etc.”

However, the majority of mums feel that a good diaper bag is essential, especially when they are out and about with their babies.

Mums are willing to spend top dollars for the perfect diaper bag

According to the poll results, majority of mums (39%) paid above $200 for a great diaper bag, and 33% between $100-200. 16% of mummies spent less than $50 on a diaper bag and 13% paid between $50-$90.

On the next page — the most important features you should be looking for while evaluating the diaper bag Singapore choices. 

diaper bag singapore

A good diaper bag will help you keep everything you need for yourself and baby in one place, and easily accessible too.

4 most important features of a diaper bag 

1. Pockets

A great diaper bag must have a good number of pockets to store and keep organised the various items that a mum-on-the-move needs to easily access.

Pockets can be located both inside the diaper bag and externally, and can range from cloth compartments to heavy-duty external pockets with zips.  While fasteners can give added security, they can come in the way of that frantic search to access that oh-so-important burp cloth in the event of pending spit-up!

Ideally, a diaper bag should feature a range of different sized pockets, some with fasteners and some without, located both internally and externally.

Mum says: “Buy a bag that is roomy with lots of pockets and smart compartments and space so it won’t be messy and easy for you to get you stuff!”

2. Detachable or adjustable straps

Straps have never been as important than when they are attached to a diaper bag! A diaper bag with adjustable straps will enable you to either carry it over your shoulder, swing it from your hands, or drape it over your stroller handles.

Detachable straps are also a useful feature to have in a diaper bag. Let’s take plane travel as an example where detachable straps give you the ability of making your diaper bag more compact.

Mum says: “The adjustable straps on my diaper bag make my life easier because it means I can equally sling it over my shoulder or over the handles of my stroller.”

3. A section for mummy

It’s so important that a diaper bag comes with space for mum’s things too as this eliminates the need to carry a separate purse or handbag.

A Mummy Section enables you to conveniently store your wallet, keys, phone and other essential items. This section should also be easily accessible to you, but also keep your high-value items safe and secure.

With this in mind, an ideal Mummy Section will be located inside the main opening of the bag, and have a zip or other form of secure closure.

Mum says: “Having a section for my credit card and other essentials is vital”

4. Change mat

A diaper bag that comes with a change mat means that you don’t have to worry about (a) hygiene during diaper change time, and (b) location, as a change mat will let you change your baby’s diaper anywhere.

Mum says: “I love that my diaper bag has a change mat. I have used this to avoid dirty change rooms and it has been a life saver during road trips and air travel with my LO.”

The most popular styles of diaper bag

As with any bag, diaper bags too come in a range of styles. Each style serves diverse functions and will suit different mummy lifestyles.

Shopee, diaper bag, rucksack

Because it lets mum stay hands-free, a backpack-style diaper bag not surprisingly, is the most popular style of diaper bag Singapore sees. (Original Japanese Anello Rucksack for $27 from Shopee Singapore)

According to the poll, the following are the most popular styles of diaper bags:

1. Backpack

We all know that a backpack is a bag that you sling over your shoulders and hangs down your back. Now, this kind of bag is very popular among mums as a diaper bag style.

We can understand why. A backpack style diaper bag essentially allows a mum-on-the-move to remain hands-free. It might also be easier to hang from the handles of a stroller.

40% of mums in our poll recommend a backpack style diaper bag.

Mummy says: “a backpack will be more convenient as I’m using a light weight stroller. A tote bag can’t always be stored at the bottom compartment of my stroller. Also, if a heavy tote bag is hung on the handles, the stroller might flip back. So a backpack is a better choice for me.”

diaper bag singapore

A traditional tote bag is very spacious but usually doesn’t have many pockets. But a tote bag-style diaper bag should have roominess plus plenty of compartments.

2. Tote bag

A tote bag is a large bag with parallel handles emerging from either side of its pouch. Traditionally, these bags didn’t have pockets. But in their evolution as a popular style for diaper bags, they feature a variety of compartments and pockets.

The best feature about a tote diaper bag has to be it’s roominess and space. In our poll, 37.5% of mums said they prefer a tote bag.

Mum says: “a tote diaper bag like the one I use has enough room for both baby’s and my stuff. Plenty of pockets too.”

So, with all these features in mind, which brands of diaper bags do Singaporean mums love the most?

Find out on the next page!

The top 3 most popular diaper bags among Singaporean mums

Mums who took part in the poll recommend three diapers bags in particular as being their most popular choice, when it comes to durability, functionality and of course, style!

These bags also contain the features and styles that mums identify as the most important when it comes to choosing a diaper bag.

diaper bag singapore

The Ju Ju Be B.F.F diaper bag is a popular choice among mums

1. Ju Ju Be B.F.F diaper bag

This sturdy bag will help you stay super organised when you’re out and about with baby. We love that it comes with heaps of roomy and quick reach “mummy pockets” for your phone, wallet, sunglasses and other mum essentials. It even has a back pocket that is perfect to slip in a book and tablet!

The large main compartment has a unique main zipper closure system for easy access, and is spacious enough for diapers, wet wipes and spare clothes. Apart from these, here are some of its top features:

  • Two exterior pockets insulated with “Thinsulate” by 3M, to keep bottles hot or cold
  • A super-comfy memory foam changing mat
  • Detachable and adjustable messenger strap with removable memory foam shoulder pad, plus optional shoulder straps
  • Structured bottom with luggage feet
  • Teflon® fabric protector that helps repel stains
  • Agion® treatment which protects the liner by inhibiting the growth of odour-causing bacteria, mould and mildew
  • Durable metal hardware
  • Light coloured linings so you can easily see what’s inside the bag
  • Machine washable

You can purchase this bag online from Shopee Singapore for $196.20 and it comes in a range of gorgeous colours and designs.

diaper bag singapore

The Skip Hop diaper bag comes in a range of styles, including the very popular backpack.

2. Skip Hop diaper bag

These diaper bags come in a range of designs and with features to suit the needs of every mum-on-the-go.

Take for example, their Duet 2-in-1 bag,  which is a sleek, faux-leather Tote and a removable organiser that can be worn on its own as a crossbody bag.

Then there’s the Studio Select Diaper Satchel, with its extra-large capacity, two insulated bottle pockets, and perfectly crafted straps to hang on your stroller or swing from your arm.

The Forma Diaper Backpack is another popular choice among mums. It features a spacious interior and a front compartment including two multi purpose packing cubes. It also has elasticised interior pockets and insulated side bottle pockets. What’s more, the changing pad pocket also acts as a laptop holder when you are travelling!

Skip Hop diaper bags are available online at Shopee Singapore for $115 and they come in various designs.

diaper bag singapore

The Kate Spade Stevie diaper bag is stylish and practical.

3. Kate Spade “Stevie” diaper bag

People won’t even know that this seriously stylish bag with 14-karat gold plated hardware is actually a diaper bag!

However, this bag is not just good-looking but is also super-functional.

It’s made of durable and wipeable woven nylon with crosshatched leather trim, has a roomy interior with zip top closure and features double slide pockets, a zipper pocket, changing pad slide pocket and exterior bottle pockets.

Buy it now on Amazon.com for around US$190 (please keep checking for new sales), or from katespade.sg for approximately S$650.

Alternatively, you could visit a Kate Spade outlet closest to you.

More tips from mums

  • Buy a bag made from lightweight material: “You will end up lugging the bag everywhere, so be sure to buy a bag that is made from the lightest material with the most comfortable straps. thicker strap for shoulder support.
  • Opt for unisex design: “Go for unisex design which both parents have no problem carrying.
  • Try it before you buy it: “Must sure to try on before purchasing. You must be comfortable carrying it. Don’t buy a bag that doesn’t suit your needs. Look for a bag that you can use for a long time. Don’t buy on impulse or peer pressure.”
  • Buy a waterproof bag: “Your diaper bag should be waterproof, machine washable and easy to clean.”
  • Go for a dark colour: “Get it in a dark colour or with and easy-to-clean surface, because it will get dirty.

Mums-to-be or mums looking to change their current diaper bag, we hope you’ve found this guide useful in your search for the perfect diaper bag to suit your needs.

Keep in mind: functionality, practicality and durability are no doubt the most important features of an awesome diaper bag. A bit of style won’t hurt either!

What kind of diaper bag do you use? What are your most essential features in a diaper bag? Let us know in a comment below.

(This article was brought to you by Shopee Singapore)

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