Tips to deal with difficult in-laws during the festive season

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Now that the holiday season is here, and the in-laws or other relatives come to visit, these tips on how to deal with the especially difficult ones will be very helpful!

That time of the year is here again — merry making, gifting and simply general goodwill all around. You have cleared your annual leave, decked the house in lovely reds, greens and golds; this is going to be the best holiday ever, you think to yourself.

And then reality hits you. The in-laws will be spending the festive season with you! You feel your holiday mood rapidly dissipating.

No matter what festive season it is, whether it is Christmas, Chinese New Year or even Diwali, it is a time for the whole family to gather together. Part of being married means that you also have to get together with people whom you might be unsure of how to deal with.

That is perfectly normal because unlike your own parents, these are folks with whom you have not grown up with. Who knows if what you say might spark off a full-blown conflict? They also have a different family culture from yours that you might or might not fit into.

But it doesn’t have to be a full blown conflict though. Here are some tips on how to deal with the in-laws, or any annoying relatives whom you would rather avoid (but can’t) during the festive season.

difficult relatives

Try not to get difficult relatives get under your skin this festive season.


1. Choose your battles

Most conflicts are not worth getting into, especially during the festive season. There will always be a difference in opinion, sometimes, and even if it does get your heckles up, let it go. It if makes it easier, recognise that in most cases, people don’t mean any malice — they are simply untactful or unthoughtful.

For instance, if a relative asks you “Why still no baby?”, when you might be in the midst of struggling to conceive, smile, take a deep breath and simply walk away. Engaging could mean prolonging a painful conversation.

But draw a line. If your mother in law is constantly criticizing your food, for instance, without making an effort to be nice, point out politely with a smile that perhaps she could help out with the cooking next year!

What other useful tips can you keep in mind for this festive season? Read on to find out!

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