Woman murders husband, then douses acid on lover's face so he can pose as dead husband

Woman murders husband, then douses acid on lover's face so he can pose as dead husband

After murdering her husband, an elaborate plot to disguise an Indian woman’s lover as her husband was unravelled over a bowl of mutton soup.

A 27-year-old nurse at a private hospital in India, was arrested for allegedly murdering her husband recently. This unfortunate but rather standard murder took a bizarre turn as an elaborate plot to disguise the wife’s lover as her dead husband was revealed. And it all unravelled over a bowl of mutton soup.

Adultery and murder

The wife, M. Swathi reportedly had an affair with her physiotherapist, Rajesh, and then plotted to murder her husband, Sudhakar, in an attempt to take him out of the picture.

Two weeks prior to her arrest,  Swathi and Rajesh allegedly proceeded to inject anaesthesia into 32 year old Sudhakar. After Sudhakar became unconscious, the investigation found, his head was bludgeoned multiple times with an iron rod.

Swathi and Rajesh allegedly burned Sudhakar’s body, and dumped the remains in the Nawabpet forest, according to The Indian Express newspaper.

Face off

In an absurd turn of events, Swathi was then said to have poured acid on her lover’s face. She told her family afterwards that the disfigured Rajesh was her dead husband Sudhakar, and that he had been attacked.

The local TV station, NDTV, reported that Swathi and Rajesh planned to have Rajesh undergo plastic surgery so he could take her husband’s place.

The plan would have worked too, if not for Sudhakar’s family, and a bowl of mutton soup. 

Over mutton soup

dead husband

Mutton Soup
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While at the hospital recovering from his acid wound, Rajesh drew suspicion from Sudhakar’s family when he refused to eat the food served to him by the hospital.

The dish? Mutton soup. Rajesh is vegetarian, and as it turns out, Sudhakar wasn’t.

The family then found out that he told hospital staff that he was vegetarian. They started to notice other odd behaviour, so they asked Rajesh to identify relatives as a test.

Rajesh, unprepared, was unable to answer the questions. He stopped speaking instead, communicating to them using signs.

Sudhakar’s brother filed a police report afterwards, The Indian Express said. The police proceeded to carry out fingerprint tests on the fake Sudhakar and discovered that he isn’t whom he said he was. The jig was up.

A melodramatic inspiration

After the police repeatedly questioned Swathi, she confessed to her husband’s murder, stating she was unhappy with her marriage.

She also confessed that she was – PLOT TWIST – inspired by Yevadu, a Telugu movie that came out in 2014. The movie tells the story of a disfigured young man who underwent plastic surgery and was given the face of his plastic surgeon’s dead son.

Local authorities confirmed they will arrest Rajesh after he recovers from his facial burns and is discharged from the hospital.

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Source: IndianExpress

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