Video: Man dumps toddler in washing machine

Video: Man dumps toddler in washing machine

Some adults love playing pranks on little children, but at times things go too far and end in tragedy. Watch the shocking video of a male guardian who places a child into a washing machine and shuts it, not knowing that the machine would start automatically!

What was this man thinking? What was this man thinking?

An extremely disturbing video shows a man placing a diaper-clad child into a washing machine and closing it, only to realise seconds later that the machine starts automatically once shut.

Needless to say, both the man and his female companion start to panic and frantically try to pry open the door, which appears to have locked itself.

As the adults rush to ask an attendant for help, the poor child can be seen tumbling around in the washing machine like a hapless ragdoll.

Thankfully an attendant runs over to disable the machine, while the woman is seen banging the tables in sheer panic.

The second the washing machine doors are opened, the man picks up the toddler and walks away quickly without even checking him for injuries, presumably to avoid anyone calling the police to investigate the matter.

The woman hurries after them as onlookers stare in disbelief. It begs the question: If these adults can be so careless with a child in a public place, what happens behind closed doors?

New reports have surfaced that the adults in the video were actually the boy's babysitter and her male friend. Imagine the anger  and shock the boy's parents must have felt when they found out about the ordeal.

It really makes you think about how safe your child really is with his or her babysitter.

Child safe, babysitters not charged

According to the person who posted the original video on YouTube, the child only suffered minor injuries and is safe.

But what about psychological damage? It must have been such a terrifying ordeal for the child to be spinning around with an increasing amount of water pouring in every second.

The babysitter and her male friend were not charged for this unbelievable act because the authorities could not find any evidence of  purposeful endangerment.

In our opinion, any adult who thinks it’s funny or appropriate to place a tiny child in a washing machine should have their heads checked!

Especially with the recent cases in which children have been killed in washing machines, these adults should simply have known better.

Many viewers of the video have expressed outrage and anger at the unbelievable behaviour of this babysitter and her friend.

What’s your say? Was this a harmless prank gone horribly wrong, or downright irresponsible behaviour by the babysitter and her companion? Let us hear your views!

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Felicia Chin

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