113 Cute Nicknames For Baby Boy Names: Top Baby Boy Names 2019

113 Cute Nicknames For Baby Boy Names: Top Baby Boy Names 2019

Names like Van, Skylar and Austin are on the rise!

Looking for inspiration for a name that has cute nicknames for baby boy? You might want to find a name that’s short and snappy. Or maybe a name that’s eloquent but has a lot of options for cute nicknames for baby boy. We’ve compiled THE list for 2019 for baby boy names.

The more options available, the better. That’s why you can look at names from three categories – Asian, Western, and Trending. Some of these might be really unusual, but you’re bound to find one that you love!

cute nicknames for baby boy

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113 trending names with cute nicknames for baby boy in 2019

cute nicknames for baby boy

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Need an injection of Asian culture that’s flowing with significant meaning and pleasant to the ear? Check out our list of 82 Asian names from the Far East!

Name Meaning Origin
Aabhat Shining,Visible,Brilliant Indian
Aati The one who is generous. Malay
Adil Sincere, just Indian
Afan Growth and progress Malay
Akio Bright man, manly, hero Japanese
Baek Hyeon Virtuous, worthy older brother Korean
Benjiro Enjoys peace Japanese
Bon-Hwa Glorious one Korean
Budrika Learned, Enlightened Indian
Chiharu Springs and clear skies Japanese
Chikao A clever and wise individual Japanese
Chimon Gate of wisdom Japanese
Chin-Hwa Most prosperous and wealthiest of all Korean
Chin-Mae One who always speaks the truth Korean
Chung-Ae Nobility and love Korean
Chung-Hee Righteous and dutiful Korean
Dae-Ho Great personality Korean
Dae-Jung Honest and righteous Korean
Daeshim Greatest mind Korean
Daido The best way possible Japanese
Daiki The noble one; filled with radiance and light Japanese
Dharmanand One who takes pleasure in his religion Indian
Eito A very prosperous person; they are kind-hearted Japanese
Fehmeed One who is wise and intelligent. Malay
Fei Hong (飞鸿 ) A hopeful future China
Genkei The one who deserves honour and integrity Japanese
Giaan Knowledge, One Having Exalted Divine Knowledge Indian
Giichi One Rule, the righteous one Japanese
Ha-Joon Grand, approving Korean
Hansuke A very helpful friend Japanese
Hyun Bright and intelligent Korean
Hyun-Shik The roots of wisdom Korean
Jaganmani Jewel of the world Indian
Joon Exceptionally talented Korean
Jum King or ruler Korean
Jung A righteous man Korean
Junpei Pure; genuine; innocent; considerate; kind Japanese
Keitaro Blessed, huge gift Japanese
Li Jie (李杰) Hero China
Li Jun (李军) Army China
Li Qiang (李强) Strong China
Liu Wei (刘伟) Great China
Lokavya One who deserves heaven Indian
Mal-Chin Persists to the end Korean
Masaru Victory Japanese
Maymuun One who is blessed, thriving, prosperous. Malay
Min-Jun Quick, clever, sharp, talented and handsome Korean
Mo Chou (莫愁) Free of sadness China
Nand Joyful Indian
Nao An honest person, who never lies Japanese
Nian Zhen (念真 ) A belief in truthfulness China
Nijat Salvation, or success Malay
Ponnan Precious Indian
Rabhoda Bestowing strength Indian
Rai Thunder and lightning Japanese
Riki A man of power and strength Japanese
Ryu To be mighty as a dragon Japanese
Saburo Brightness Japanese
Sang-Ook One who is always well and healthy Korean
Sannan A daring person, one who is fearless and dauntless. Malay
Saqabat One who is in perfect health. Malay
Seung Successor Korean
Sho One who will soar Japanese
Suk-Chin Unshakeable rock Korean
Sunirmal Pure Indian
Tadashi A servant that is loyal and faithful; right one Japanese
Tae One who is a great person Korean
Takeo Warrior, one who fights for his kingdom Japanese
Taseen Acclaim or appreciation. Malay
Tejas Lustre; brilliance Indian
Toshiro A talented or intelligent person Japanese
Vratya Obedient, faithful Indian
Wang Wei (王伟) Great China
Wang Yong (王勇) Brave China
Wifaq Harmony, unity, amiability. Malay
Won-Shik Head of the family Korean
Woong Magnificence Korean
Ye-Jun Talented and handsome Korean
Yo-Han Glorious as the Sun Korean
Yuvan Young, strong Indian
Zhang Wei (张伟) Great China
Zhang Yong (张勇) Brave China


Heading into 2019 are 25 of the trendiest names from the Western hemisphere with great meaning and cute nicknames for baby boy!

Name Meaning Nicknames Origin
Abraham Father of many Abe Hebrew
Aiden Little and fiery Aidy, Dan Irish
Alexander Defender of men Xander, Alex Greek
Ariel Lion of God Ari Hebrew
Arthur noble and courageous Artie Celtic
Benjamin Son of the right hand Ben Hebrew
Charles A free man Charlie, Chuck German
Dexter Fortunate and skilled Dex Latin
Dominic Belonging to God Dom Latin
Dylan Born near the sea Dill Welsh
Edgar Wealthy Spearman Teddy, Ed English
Ethan Strong and firm Ian Hebrew
Ezra Helper   Hebrew
Gavin Hawk of the battle or white hawk Gav Celtic
Jacob Supplanter Jake Hebrew
James Supplanter Jim, Jimmy Hebrew
Jonathan Gift of Jehovah John Hebrew
Luca Sacred wood Luke, Lucas Italian
Maximillian The greatest Max Latin
Monarch Origin, popularity   English
Noah Rest, repose   Hebrew
Oliver Olive tree Olly Latin
Owen A young warrior   Welsh
Sebastian Venerable or revered Seb, Bastian Greek
William Resolute protection Liam, Will, Bill German


Here are 36 quirky names inspired by US states, power couples, the Royal family and even shoe brands!

Name Meaning Nicknames Origin
Albert Brilliant and bright Albie, Bert German
Alfred Wise counsellor Alfie English
Augustine Venerable, magnificent Austin English
Caden Spirit of battle Kay, Cade Welsh
Cortez courteous, refined, accomplished Trey Spanish
Elijah Jehovah is God Eli Hebrew
Elliot Jehovah is God Eli Hebrew
Finley Fair-haired warrior Fin Irish
Francis A free man Frankie, Frank Latin
Grayson Son of the bailiff Gray English
Harrison Harry’s son Harry English
Hugo Bright in mind / intelligent Hugh German
Jackson Son of Jack Jax, Jack English
Jayden Thankful Jay Hebrew
Joaquin Established by God Quinn Spanish
Jordan Flowing down Jo Hebrew
Kelsey Island Kel English
Kingston A king’s town   English
small cloak or cape
Leon Brave Leo Greek
Joined in harmony
Island of linden trees
Logan A small hollow Logie Scottish
Mason Worker in stone Mace English
Matteo A gift from God Matt Italian
Oscar Deer loving / the spear of God Ozzy English
Princeton Princely town   English
Reginald Ruler with great counsel Reggie English
Reuben Behold, a son Rubes, Ben Hebrew
Skylar Scholar   Dutch
Taylor English occupational name Tay, Tee English
Theodore Gift of God Teddy, Theo Greek
Truman Loyal one   English
Van Of   Dutch
Wyatt Brave in war   English
Zachary remembered by God Zack Hebrew

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