Couple refuse medical treatment for their sick baby, says “God makes no mistakes”

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One couple from the US refused to provide their newborn daughter medical treatment, even after a midwife said that the child's condition can lead to death.

Rachel Joy Piland, 30, and her husband, Joshua Barry Piland, 36, have been charged of involuntary manslaughter after they refused medical treatment for their sick baby, causing the newborn to die from complications.

“She indicated to the midwife that the baby was fine”

Infant Abigail Piland was born in the Piland’s home in Lansing, Michigan, in the US.

According to the midwife, who previously helped deliver 2 of Rachel’s children, said that the Abigail was healthy when she was born. The next day however, her assessment changed after seeing Abigail’s jaundiced skin, advising them to immediately take Abigail to a pediatrician or to the E.R.

A detective shared, “Rachel declined to seek any medical treatment for Abigail, stating God makes no mistakes. She indicated to the midwife that the baby was fine.”

The midwife scheduled another appointment for the next day, but Rachel cancelled it.

She didn’t allow the child’s grandmother to call for help

2 days after, Abigail’s mother and grandmother noticed that she was bleeding from her nose, had problems breathing, and wasn’t eating. Rachel didn’t allow her grandmother to call for help.

A few hours after, Rachel found Abigail lifeless and not breathing in a bouncy seat. She took her child to her husband who attempted to resuscitate the newborn, but didn’t try cardio-pulmonary resuscitation as he didn’t know how to do it on children.

According to Peter Scaccia, a police detective, “They then brought Abigail upstairs to pray for her. Joshua continued to massage Abigail, attempting to get her good air. Both Josh and (Rachel) reached out to friends and fellow church members to come to their home and pray for Abigail’s resurrection but never called the police.”

Abigail’s death was reported by her uncle, Rachel’s brother. According to authorities, he “went upstairs and found a baby that had passed away and three other people praying for it.”

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