The complete delivery bag pack list for the entire family

The complete delivery bag pack list for the entire family

The unexpected nature of labour leaves no room for last-minute packing and ensures slip-ups! But you don’t want to be there, right?

Baby bag

Going into labour can be a stressful time and you don't want to realise that you've forgotten to bring along something important. Here is a list of things you will need when in the hospital before and after labour:


  • Your gynae's letter
  • Hospital admission form
  • NRIC of husband and wife
  • Receipts of your outpatient visits to gynae (to claim Medisave)
  • Original Marriage certificate to register name of baby.
    *You can either register your baby’s name at the hospital or at Immigration and Custom Authority(ICA). Birth should be registered within 14 days from the date of birth. If registration is done after 42 days, a letter of explanation stating the reason for late registration must be submitted for the Registrar/Registrar General's approval. After approval has been given, the birth will be registered and the birth certificate will be issued. Such cases can only be registered at ICA. For full details, visit the ICA's website for more information on how to register your baby.
  • Your birth plan

For Mummy

  • 2-3 pairs of warm socks (your feet may feel cold during labour)
  • Eye mask (if you have trouble sleeping with lights on)
  • Noise cancelling headsets
  • 1 extra pack of pads (maternity or heavy flow)
  • 4-5 sets disposable underwear
  • Two nursing bras and nursing pads
  • One presentable robe (for you to look presentable to your visitors or when checking on your baby in the nursery)
  • Massage oil (recommended in most childbirth classes)
  • Two sets of nightgown (one that opens in the front if you are planning on breastfeeding)
  • One set of clothing for happy trip home (preferably something loose and comfy)
  • Cosmetics (totally optional!)
  • Lip balm (your lips get pretty dry during delivery and nothing more annoying than cracked lips)
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, hair care product, body wash
  • Spectacles (instead of contacts)
  • Slippers / Flip flop
  • Hair ties
  • Breast pump to help stimulate milk production
  • Nursing pillow to make positioning of babies easier especially if you have a c-section.
  • Comfortable clothes to go home in

For Dad

  • Snacks or sandwich (especially for long labours)
  • Coins for the hospital vending machine!
  • Books or CD's to help Mum relax.
  • Camera or camcorder. Make sure your camera is fully charged.
  • Handphone and charger (to spread the happy news!)
  • Baby car seat for trip home. (compulsory in Singapore)
  • Toothpaste or tooth brush (to quickly freshen up)
  • Painkillers (if you have a headache or any other body aches)
  • Glasses instead of contact lens (you don't know how long labour will last)
  • Your own pillow, so you can be comfortable sitting for long hours in a hospital chair
  • Change of clothes
  • A push present for your wife! (it's common to give your wife a gift post delivery)
  • Ideas for baby names

For Baby

  • Newborn clothing (1 set for going home as hospitals will provide clothing only during the stay. Please pre-wash them before hand)
  • One Receiving blanket (for going home)
  • Extra diapers (hospitals will provide one pack of diapers, but you can bring yours if you like)
  • One set of anti scratch mittens (for going home)
  • Baby wipes or cotton balls to clean your baby.
  • Baby towel: Give it to the nurses as soon as you move into your maternity home so that it can be used right after his first bath.
  • Toiletries: Try to avoid synthetic soap for the baby’s first wash. Look for organic baby soap or avoid it completely.
  • Cans or bottles of infant formula if you intend to bottle-feed so your baby can start with the brand you prefer as soon as possible.
  •  Good-luck charm: Take the good luck charm that you would wish to for your baby. It may be a religious charm or anything you consider lucky – maybe, a picture of your mom when she was expecting you!

For Siblings
If siblings are going to be present before or after the baby’s arrives, here are some helpful things to have available for them:

  • Favorite books, toys, drawing paper, crayons or markers to keep them entertained
  • Snacks

TIP: Put older siblings in charge if taking photos of their newborn little sister or brother so they will feel involved in the birth too.

Now you're ready to have a safe delivery. Remember, every pregnant woman's needs are different get advice from your gynae on what to pack too!

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Written by

Felicia Chin

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