Co-sleeping: Yes or No?

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Should you co-sleep with your little ones? Find out the advantages and disadvantages of co-sleeping, as well as safety precautions parents should take note of.



Read about the pros and cons of co-sleeping

What is co-sleeping?

Whether it is called co-sleeping, sleep sharing, or the family bed, it is a sleep practice where parents sleep with their babies or kids either in the same bed or same room. Dr. William Sears, a well-known pediatrician and author of many parenting books, defines co-sleeping as sleeping within arm’s reach of the baby.

There is a difference in how well the practice of co-sleeping is accepted across cultures. Western culture largely has frowned on the arrangement, whereas co-sleeping seems to be the norm in other developing countries, be it due to space constraint or other causes.

For mums and dads who can’t decide if they should co-sleep with their little ones, here are a few pros and cons of co-sleeping.

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