These 20 Classic, elegant baby names are making a comeback

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Sometimes the best way to address the future is to look to the past! Check out these awesome baby names from decades past! Full list here!

Recently we shared Nameberry‘s list of the 200 most popular baby names for boys and girls so far this year. While the list of 200 names for boys and girls offered a wide array of viable options for your soon-to-be son or daughter, there still remains a handful of names for your baby that you may be overlooking!

In fact, sometimes the best place to look for a better future is the past. What I’m trying to say is that if you’re still debating over what name to give your child when the big day arrives, why not test out some names that time, for the most part, has forgotten. These 20 retro names are making a noteworthy comeback…and for good reason: they’re fantastic baby names for boys and for girls.


These elegant, classic baby names are definitely worth your consideration if you’re still on the fence about what to name your baby. Check out the list of retro baby names and let us know if you have any suggestions that fit the mould!

Retro baby names for boys:

1. Charlie

2. Eli

3. Emmet

4. Felix

classic names


5. Henry

6. Jasper

7. Oliver

8. Silas

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