Child sexual abuse in Asia is now at a critical level

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According to an Indonesian minister, child sexual abuse is now at a critical level, and the increase in sex abuse cases in Singapore is also causing a worrying trend.

According to Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection Minister in Indonesia, Yohana Susana Yembise, child abuse is at a critical level there, particularly in regard to sexual abuse.

She says, “Violence toward children is increasing everywhere. Indonesia is facing an emergency over violence against children.”

In Singapore, the increase in child sex abuse is also a cause for concern and the State Courts show that in 2014 there were 272 cases reported, involving either sexual assault by penetration, sexual grooming of a minor under 16 years of age, outrage of modesty or rape.

The Singapore High Court reports that 13 rape cases were filed last year, up from four the year before and six in 2012. Eight people were convicted of rape last year compared to four in 2013 and six in 2012.

Child sexual abuse asia

A convicted child sex offender was allowed to teach in a school.

Undetected sexual predators

ABC news reports that in the 1990’s, Peter Dundas Walbran, a convicted Australian child sex offender had worked at the Australian and British international schools in Jakarta (Indonesia) and was accused of abusing children in the Indonesian capital, Bali and Lombok, where he later served three years in jail for the sexual abuse.

However, this horrifying case exposes the flaws in keeping track of paedophiles, as after his deportation from Indonesia and without detection, Walbran was able to travel to Thailand and even get a job as a teacher in an international school in Ubon Ratchathani.

Although he had been previously detained on suspicion of possessing child pornography, he was not arrested or charged, as the Thai police had waited for a new law against child pornography to come into force in Thailand in early December before swooping in on Walbran.

Child sexual abuse asia

Indonesia is the number one travel destination in Southeast Asia for Australian paedophiles.

Top travel destination in Southeast Asia for paedophiles

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Indonesia is now the number one destination for Australian child sex tourists and according to Natalia Perry from the Safe Childhoods Foundation, there are two types of sex tourists:

Type A – Prolific
Those who gather in paedophile forums, admit what they are and plan to abuse children.

Type B – Situational
Those who might see a young-looking girl or boy and give into temptation.

Both of these types fly over from Australia and other Western countries to Bali (Indonesia), and the Indonesian police are yet to attack the problem hard, she says.

Perry explains, “Of Indonesia, Cambodia, the Philippines and Thailand, Indonesia is the only country that has not tightened up. Even admitting there is a problem is difficult for some local authorities.”

Andy Ardian, from the child protection group Ecpat Indonesia, told ABC news that they had received information that about 80 tourists from Australia who go to Indonesia every month are part of a sex offenders group.

“But it is hard to prove it, we may get the data on this but proving it is a harder thing”, he explains.

What sort of punishment should child sex offenders receive? Read on to find out what Indonesia will be implementing next year.

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