Plane passenger films a 'demonic' child screaming in flight for 8 hours!

Plane passenger films a 'demonic' child screaming in flight for 8 hours!

The incident of the child screaming in plane took place last August and the passenger promptly posted the video on YouTube.

Let’s be honest, it can be very difficult to manage young children on a long flight, especially tantrum-prone toddlers. The stuffy seats and the large crowds can make them uneasy, not to mention the long travel time. All these factors combined can result in the child screaming in plane and throwing the mother of all tantrums in protest.  

Unfortunately, one Lufthansa passenger recently learned this the hard way. 

‘Demonic’ child screaming in plane makes headlines!

Seated in an eight-hour long flight from Germany to New Jersey in August, the passenger reportedly recorded a “demonic” child screaming in plane for the entire duration of the journey!

The incident took place last August and the passenger promptly posted the video on YouTube sharing the “ordeal” he shared with his fellow passengers. 

In the video titled “Demonic child screams and runs through an 8 hour flight from Germany to Newark,” you can see the child climbing atop his seat, yelling, shrieking. And, at one point, the child is seen dashing through the aisles.

The video suggests that the child was exceptionally disruptive and that the mother did nothing to discipline her “rowdy” child. 

“That was a nightmare — eight hours of screaming,” said one person at the end of the video when all passengers were seen coming out towards the terminal.  

Social media divided about the child screaming in plane!

While the passenger who filmed the video thought it to be a horrible flight, Twitter was divided on the matter. Some parents came out in support of the passenger, while others blasted him for his “insensitivity.”

“I have one of these at home,” one person wrote. “He drives me nuts. Nothing mom can do and I feel for her.”

child screaming in plane

Many came out in support of the parents and shamed the passenger who filmed the child screaming in plane. | Image courtesy: Twitter/screengrab

While another wrote, “Shame on the person filming this minor! Putting his identity public. You should be very proud of yourself get up and offer help rather than criticising. The kid may have has a learning disabilities or something. #giveparentsabreak.”

Others were not so generous with their support for the parents. One even wrote, “They should  put all such families at the back of the plane.” 

child screaming in plane

Some were not so supportive of the parents and lambasted them for not disciplining their child. | Image screencapped from Twitter

Irrespective of the support or disapproval, it is a fact that travelling with a tiny tot can be quite challenging for parents. 

However, if you have a small child, are planning a flight any time soon and want to make your experience comfortable, here are a few things you must bear in mind. 

5 must-dos for parents flying with kids

As mentioned in our previous article, here are a few things that when done well, can help you make the experience an easy one for you, the child and of course, other passengers. 

  • Booking of flights. Check out if an airline allows you to book ahead for a baby bassinet for infants below eight months. If you are with your spouse or another adult, it may be ideal if you book seats apart from each other so you can take turns in entertaining the kids and in taking a rest. If your flight will take long hours, then buy a seat for the baby. Also, book a seat that is found at the back of the plane, especially if your child likes to move around. 
  • Getting on board. Try to get on board early if you have a long flight, especially if you will bring a car seat for your baby. This way, you can get settled before the long flight begins. For shorter flights, try to wait for the ‘last call’ before boarding. If you have to be on board a connecting flight, then make sure you check in early.
  • Staying safe. As mentioned in our article, you can position your child in a place that will ensure his or her safety. Infants should be placed on a car seat while toddlers can have a regular seat with a seat belt. Never let your child run or walk around without your assistance or crawl on the floor of the plane. Distract your child with headphones or feeding during take off and landing.
  • Entertaining when flying with children. For long flights, it’s good to distract your kids with toys, games or music they enjoy. This way, you won’t have to come up with ways to keep them entertained. You may also bring books that your child can read throughout the flight or bring materials for an activity they can engage with.
  • Sleeping on board. Bring a cotton sheet or a baby sleeping bag which you can use when your child sleeps. And if you have a baby carrier or wrap, you can easily carry your baby around. 

As for fellow passengers, if you notice a “wild child” around with hapless parents, don’t resort to mocking them. You don’t know what they might have gone through just to get this child on board. Instead, you can offer some help. 

What co-passengers can do to help the parents 

  • Ask the parent if they need help. Approach the troubled parents and ask them if you can help them in any way. It could be holding their child for just a while, or playing games with the toddler to keep him distracted. Even if the parent refuses to help, they would be happy to see somebody offered to assist.
  • Don’t approach the child directly. Don’t do this rookie mistake if you want to really help. You don’t know the background story of the child. Is he going through a phase or suffering from an illness? What is making him cranky? You can become the baby whisperer for a while, but trust that the parent will always know best. 
  • Do offer kind words of support. A smile and kind words of encouragement and support can mean a lot to a parent. They already know that all eyes are on them. In this situation, somebody’s kind words can help them feel accepted. Remember, kids throw tantrums, it is normal. You support may boost their morale. 

Remember that a show of support can go a long way in helping parents of cranky toddlers onboard. Stingy stares and mockery will not. It can only make a situation worse. 

Take a look at the video of the child screaming in plane. Let us know what you thought could have been done in this situation in the comments section below:


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