Child injured in Singapore car accident taken to hospital

Child injured in Singapore car accident taken to hospital

News about a child injured in Singapore car accident has just been reported. The accident happened along Compassvale Drive...

News about a child injured in Singapore car accident has just been reported.

According to Channel NewsAsia, the accident happened on Feb 28 (Wednesday), at Compassvale Drive. The SCDF received a call for assistance at about 7:17 am.

The accident involved a blue ComfortDelgro taxi and a car. Photos showed the vehicles at a junction, the taxi was near the curb and the front right side of the car had been smashed.

A child was reported to be injured, and was taken to KK Women's and Children's Hospital.

More news is awaited.

If your child is hurt in a car accident

What should you do if your child is hurt in a car accident? Should children be taken to the hospital even after a minor car accident? Here are some pointers.

Take your child to the hospital immediately if:

  • You have an infant. Infants are especially vulnerable, and even a minor impact can cause serious injuries to a baby. And an infant can’t tell you what he / she is feeling.
  • Your child tells you something hurts or they feel dizzy or have a headache.
  • Your child has hit her head. An impact to the head can lead to anything from a mild concussion to a life-changing brain injury.
  • You notice changes or symptoms, such as excessive crying or fussiness, a change in appetite, vomiting or personality changes.
  • You are worried. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Hospitals have the equipment and facilities to diagnose and treat accident injuries. 

Even if you decide not to go to the A&E, it is best to schedule an appointment with a doctor. Young children especially cannot describe what they are feeling or tell you when something isn’t right. See a doctor as soon as possible after the accident, even if you don’t think you child has been hurt.

Many accident victims don’t feel anything at first, but later they may develop symptoms of muscle and “soft tissue” injuries, or a head injury.

Physical injuries aren’t the only things you need to worry about after an accident. Be aware of emotional and psychological changes in your child, such as nightmares, anxiety, struggling to concentrate, unexplained crying etc.

It is important to talk to your child about the accident and discuss what happened, to restore her sense of security.

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(Source: Channel NewsAsia, Featured Image: Singapore Roads

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